dockBoss5: Charge and listen to any phone or tablet on an iPhone or iPod dock

Do you have an old iPod or iPhone speaker dock that seems useless since you upgraded to an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy, or other mobile device? Ever wish you could hook up your iPad or tablet, charge one device while listening to another, or make it more fun and usable for others at parties? Or maybe you don’t even have a speaker dock yet, and are wondering if you can pick up an old one on the cheap (hint: You Can!)? If you fall under any of those categories, then you might be especially excited by our newest product, dockBoss5:

More info and to purchase:

dockBoss5 is the 5th release in our series of dockBoss adapters designed to make new iOS, Android and other devices compatible with the millions of iPod or iPhone docks that have flooded the market prior to the release of iPhone 5. It turns your old speaker dock into a universal charging and audio station in no time. It’s plug and play, simply connect your USB and audio cables of choice (or use the Micro USB and 1/8″ AUX cables included) and start getting the most out of that great sounding speaker dock you used to love using so much.

samDock: Listen and charge your Samsung phone on your iPod or iPhone dock

Announced at CES 2013, samDock broke ground as the first & only cable dedicated to connecting Samsung Galaxy devices to iPod speaker docks & audio systems. If you’re a Galaxy SIII or Note user, it’s never been easier give your favorite Android device access to the wide world of 30-pin audio docks currently on the market (and getting cheaper by the day!). One simple connection to charge your device and listen to your favorite tunes in stunning quality. Don’t believe us? Check out our samDock video above to see it in action.

dockBoss air How-To-Pair Videos

Our dockBoss air has proven to be quite popular since it was launched two weeks back, and we’re truly thankful for the positive response. In an effort to help our customers get connected to their dockBoss airs more quickly and easily, we’ve put together a couple short videos showing you how to pair it with both Apple and Android devices via Bluetooth. You can find both videos on our dockBoss air product page, or view them below. Happy pairing!

Apple Devices:

Android Devices:

Presenting CableJive’s New LineOut Pro Cable!

We’ve been selling audio cables for years now, but today we’ve officially gone “Pro” as we announce our new LineOut Pro cable! When you want the cleanest, purest sound from your iPod, iPad, or iPhone, you’ll want to access the professional-grade line level audio signals from your device’s 30-pin dock connector. The LineOut Pro is a premium quality line out dock cable that delivers those crystal-clear audio signals wherever you need them.

This durable, flexible, 3 foot long cable can adapt to any audio situation. Connect it to your home theater, plug it into your car stereo, go direct into a mixer, or take it into the studio and really get creative. It features a high quality gold-plated 3.5mm connector and our custom-built male 30-pin housing so you’ll be able to plug this cable in no matter what case, cover, or skin you protect your device with.

The LineOut Pro cable is available now!

For more information, or to purchase, head over to the product page: 

You can also read the official press release here:

CableJive’s New Media Page Is Live!

CableJive has been getting a lot of coverage lately. Don’t get us wrong, we love it! In fact, we’re so excited about it, that we decided to make it even easier to find all the latest CableJive news & media!

You may have noticed that our old “Press” page is gone. In its place, you will find our brand-new Media page, which is broken down into 4 sections:

  • The “News” section is where you’ll find new & old media coverage of everything CableJive. Previews, reviews, and everything in between.
  • The “Press Releases” section is where you can catch all our major “official” announcements.
  • In the “Hi-Res Images” section, you can get the cleanest, sharpest images of all our new products. If you’re in the media, include them in your CableJive coverage. If you’re just a fan, use them as desktop wallpapers. We won’t judge ; )
  • And lastly, you can find all of our CableJive Videos in the “Videos” section.

Head on over and check it out!

ProJive Instrument: 1/4″ Guitar & More on iPhone, iPod, or iPad

Just as I did with the ProJive XLR cable last month,
I filmed a quick video showing how easy it is to connect the ProJive Instrument cable to play and record an electric guitar through an iPad, all while sending the audio out through a separate speaker system. See for yourself, then get yours and get-to rockin’!

dockStubz: The Problem Solver – Episode 2

The dockStubz is a handy little product that can be used in many different ways. Our dockStubz: The Problem Solver video series highlights some of the ways this little adapter can be used to fix some annoying issues you may be experiencing with your iPod or iPhone. Episode 1 focused on how the dockStubz can help get your encased iPod or iPhone connected with your favorite speakers systems or other accessories without having to remove said case. In Episode 2, we display the dockStubz’s “charge conversion” functionality, and how it can help get your newer iPod and iPhone devices charging with older docks and systems. Check it out and tell us what you think!

dockStubz TPS Episode 2 Coming Soon!

Apologies for the lack of fresh posts lately. I’ve been working on the next episode of our dockStubz: The Problem Solver series. Episode 2 will feature the dockStubz’s charge conversion functionality, as you may have been able to gather from the image above (which is an actual screenshot from the episode). We finished filming it late last week, and now I’m on to editing. Stay tuned for the finished product, coming in the next week or two.

dockStubz: The Problem Solver – Episode 1

At the end of Tuesday’s blog post, I mentioned that the first entry in our new “dockStubz: The Problem Solver” video series would be released within the next week or so. Well, I’m happy to report that I was able to get it finished sooner than that. Without further ado, here’s Episode 1: