Announcing Our Redesigned dockXtender Cables!

Today is an exciting day, as we are announcing our new and improved dockXtender cables! Officially the 3rd generation model since we introduced the classic Dock Extender Cable back in 2007, our patented new design features better cabling, improved internals, and our classic 2-tiered shielding system. Hands down, it’s our best dock extension cable yet!

But that’s not all! Most importantly, these new cables feature a totally redesigned male connector, which allows this new dockXtender cable to work with all cases, covers, & skins on the planet, including (but not limited to) the popular Apple Bumper, Lifeproof, and Otterbox cases! These brand-new cables are available now, in 2 foot and 6 foot lengths.

Same price, better cables! Get the extra length you need, and don’t ever take your case off again! Get yours now!

Read the Press Release here:

New CableJive HQ Under Construction!

After much deliberation, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve selected the location for our new offices! We’re staying within the lovely confines of Malden MA, and moving from our current space at 380 Pleasant St. right down the road to 350 Main St. We’ll be getting a great, brand new space on the 3rd floor. So new in fact, that it’s not even built yet!

We’ll be the 1st tenants on their currently-empty 3rd floor, so we had a pretty clear slate for the design. We’re super excited about our new digs, so we’ll be documenting the process here. Take a look at the new space we’ve acquired as photographed 2 weeks ago:

And a week later, construction on the offices has begun:

Stay tuned for progress updates as the new HQ comes together, and of course, the all-important move in date!

New and Improved w/ Mobile Checkout Support

If you stopped by today, you may have noticed our new look. It’s not radically different, but we freshened it up visually, and made some great functionality improvements. Other than the subtle design changes, two features make up the real “meat and potatoes” of this update:

First, and most importantly, we’ve added support for mobile devices. Previously, would display on mobile devices like iPads and iPhones just fine, until you wanted to checkout. Mobile checkout was unfortunately not supported on our old website, which wasn’t doing us or our customers any good. Thankfully, the new comes equipped with a fully-functional mobile site & shopping cart. It’s never been easier to get the mobile accessories you need, wherever you are!

Second, if you look at the navigation over to the left of the page, you’ll notice a host of new options to choose from. We’ve reworked our categories to be much more helpful to our customers. Now, you can shop by device, product category, or brand, making it easier to not only find what you’re looking for, but also to clearly see other products that might be useful to you.

If you haven’t seen the new for yourself yet, check it out and tell us what you think! We’re quite confident that our new website should be working just fine, but anything is possible. If you have any issues at all, please let us know via email at and we’ll be happy to help.

New Recycled Deals: dockBoss and dockBoss+

Our Recycled Deals program is the easiest way to score huge savings on great re-certified CableJive products; and as of today there’s some new additions to the bin! Now, for the first time, we’re bringing the dockBoss and dockBoss+ cables into the mix. It’s never been cheaper to transform your standard iPod docking station for use with Android devices, Windows phones, Blackberries, Laptops, Netbooks, TVs, or any other audio output device.

But remember, as with all our Recycled Deals, available products and quantities can change daily and without warning. Once they’re gone you never know when they’ll be back, so get yours now and save, before the bin empties!

ProJive Instrument: 1/4″ Guitar & More on iPhone, iPod, or iPad

Just as I did with the ProJive XLR cable last month,
I filmed a quick video showing how easy it is to connect the ProJive Instrument cable to play and record an electric guitar through an iPad, all while sending the audio out through a separate speaker system. See for yourself, then get yours and get-to rockin’!

New to CableJive: Planet Waves Instrument & Mic Cables!

I have to say, I’m quite stoked to announce that CableJive is now an authorized reseller of Planet Waves cables! Their experience and commitment to quality make Planet Waves a perfect fit for our new Musician’s Gear section, as we look to provide innovative and trustworthy solutions to our music-making brethren. And should you or anyone you know be a guitar player or singer / frontman of any repute, you can pick up our initial offerings right now:

20 ft. long 1/4″ Instrument Cable
25 ft. long XLR Mic Cable

We had some great guitar-related discussions with people at CES 2012. That combined with the early success of our ProJive Instrument and ProJive XLR cables has given us good reason to consider adding in more musician-centric products. We want to provide the best, and most useful products to all you musicians out there, so we’re always open to your thoughts and suggestions. If there’s anything you’d like to see added in, let us know at