PowerPortz: Full Power Multi-port Car Charger – Available Now!


Introducing PowerPortz: CableJive’s new high powered multi-port car charger! We’re in the thick of vacation season, and these days it’s nearly impossible to travel without your favorite smartphone or tablet. One surefire way to make your trip worse is for you (or your passengers) to run out of power on the road. Our new PowerPortz will help guarantee that NEVER happens again!

PowerPortz provides 2 obvious benefits right off the bat: tons of power for all your devices and tons of ports for you & your passengers to connect to. It provides a total of 4 USB power ports: 2 ports directly on the DC connector plug gives easy power access to the front-seats, and 2 additional ports built into an extension pack are capable of reaching up to 6 feet, giving power access to the back seats as well. The extension pack includes a simple mounting-clip, allowing you to quickly and easily secure it to your seat-back pocket. All 4 ports are capable of delivering a full 2.4 Amps of power, enough to charge 4 iPads at once! You’ll never worry about in-car power for your smartphones or tablets again!

We want everyone to experience the difference PowerPortz can make for you & your passengers this summer, which is why we’re offering a special launch-week coupon code good for 15% off PowerPortz or anything else we sell. After all, you just might need some more charging cables to go with it!

Save 15% by using this coupon code at checkout: POWERPORTZ16
(Sale ends 8/22/2016)

Or, if you prefer to use your Amazon Prime benefits:
Shop PowerPortz on Amazon Prime
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We’re excited to get the PowerPortz into your hands so you can experience it for yourself. We hope you find it as useful as we do. Thanks as always for your incredible support!

HeroDock – Universal Docking Stand for Smartphones & Tablets – Available Now!


HeroDock was a big hit when we debuted it at CES 2015 and we received tons of pre-orders through the summer. Which is why we’re so excited to announce that all pre-orders have shipped out, and HeroDock is available for purchase right now!

HeroDock is a totally adjustable universal docking stand for smartphones and tablets that lets you easily dock your device whether you have a protective case on it or not. It works with your device’s own charging cord, and gives your smartphone or tablet a solid home to charge from whenever you’re not on-the-go. Designed to keep your device upright at the perfect angle to view & use when docked, ready for your alarm clock app on the bedroom nightstand, video or conference calls from your desk, or streaming audio from your kitchen counter. Do it all with HeroDock.

Crafted from solid aluminum, HeroDock is built to last. Sturdy enough to hold devices big and small, from your iPod to iPad. With no-tool assembly you’ll be set up in minutes right out of the box, and able to easily adjust at any time. Compatible with Lightning, Micro USB, and USB-C cables, it’s the ideal home for whatever device you use daily, whether that be an iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note, OnePlus 2, or other smartphone or tablet.

HeroDock is available for purchase direct from our web-store at www.cablejive.com (where we’re offering FREE shipping on US orders right now) and on Amazon.com. See the HeroDock in action, including a step by step assembly guide, by checking out this video.

dockBoss5: Charge and listen to any phone or tablet on an iPhone or iPod dock

Do you have an old iPod or iPhone speaker dock that seems useless since you upgraded to an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy, or other mobile device? Ever wish you could hook up your iPad or tablet, charge one device while listening to another, or make it more fun and usable for others at parties? Or maybe you don’t even have a speaker dock yet, and are wondering if you can pick up an old one on the cheap (hint: You Can!)? If you fall under any of those categories, then you might be especially excited by our newest product, dockBoss5:

More info and to purchase: http://www.cablejive.com/products/dockBoss5.html

dockBoss5 is the 5th release in our series of dockBoss adapters designed to make new iOS, Android and other devices compatible with the millions of iPod or iPhone docks that have flooded the market prior to the release of iPhone 5. It turns your old speaker dock into a universal charging and audio station in no time. It’s plug and play, simply connect your USB and audio cables of choice (or use the Micro USB and 1/8″ AUX cables included) and start getting the most out of that great sounding speaker dock you used to love using so much.

50% OFF All Certified Pre-Opened Products!

We just launched our re-designed “Certified Pre-Opened” section, and to kick things off we’re selling all available pre-opened products at 50% OFF regular MSRP! If you’re looking to score great CableJive products on-the-cheap, now is definitely the time!

We regularly get inventory returned to us that was opened, but remains in practically-new, perfect working condition. Unlike others who may try to sell those units as brand-new (we’re looking at you throngs of shady eBay cable pushers), we take a more honest approach. We put them to the test just to be sure, and if they pass, then you get to buy them at a significant discount. It’s as simple as that.

Due to the limited and ever-changing nature of this inventory, available products and quantities change daily. Be sure to check back often so you don’t miss out on any deals!

New and Improved CableJive.com w/ Mobile Checkout Support

If you stopped by CableJive.com today, you may have noticed our new look. It’s not radically different, but we freshened it up visually, and made some great functionality improvements. Other than the subtle design changes, two features make up the real “meat and potatoes” of this update:

First, and most importantly, we’ve added support for mobile devices. Previously, cablejive.com would display on mobile devices like iPads and iPhones just fine, until you wanted to checkout. Mobile checkout was unfortunately not supported on our old website, which wasn’t doing us or our customers any good. Thankfully, the new cablejive.com comes equipped with a fully-functional mobile site & shopping cart. It’s never been easier to get the mobile accessories you need, wherever you are!

Second, if you look at the navigation over to the left of the page, you’ll notice a host of new options to choose from. We’ve reworked our categories to be much more helpful to our customers. Now, you can shop by device, product category, or brand, making it easier to not only find what you’re looking for, but also to clearly see other products that might be useful to you.

If you haven’t seen the new cablejive.com for yourself yet, check it out and tell us what you think! We’re quite confident that our new website should be working just fine, but anything is possible. If you have any issues at all, please let us know via email at service@cablejive.com and we’ll be happy to help.

ProJive Instrument and XLR w/ Android Devices

If you can’t tell, we’re super excited about our new ProJive XLR and ProJive Instrument cables. We also recently got our 1st Android tablet into the office, a Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. All things considered, it’s a perfect time to give our Android brethren some love. Here’s what to expect when you get ProJive’n on your favorite desert-themed OS device.

Apps Tested: Voice Recorder (free), RecForge Lite (free)

ProJive XLR

Just as with the iPhone, which you can see in our ProJive XLR video, this cable has no problem working on Android devices. Simply open your favorite audio capturing app, plug in, and record. The quality of the audio seems to be dependent on the app your using, as we found “RecForge” captured much higher-quality audio than “Voice Recorder.”

ProJive Instrument

By connecting the ProJive Instrument cable to an electric guitar, and opening either of the apps mentioned above, you are able to capture the guitar’s audio. Great for practicing, brainstorming ideas, or working on song parts. As with the XLR cable, audio quality is dependent on the app you’re using.

However, in my quest to find a more suitable, Garage Band-esq app for the Android, I ran into quite a barrier: there isn’t one yet. It seems Android’s OS has some issues when it comes to low-latency audio capturing. I found a great post on Gear Diary exploring the issues facing music production on Android devices, which all aspiring Android musicians should read: ow.ly/af3K4.

It does appear that these issues are being worked on, so hopefully we’ll start seeing some quality music production apps arrive on Android soon. When they do, the ProJive Instrument cable will be ready help you conquer those too!


New To The CableJive Lineup: Nest

I would never recommend a product to anyone that I haven’t physically used myself, so I was eager to try out the new Nest stand before we made it available for purchase. If you aren’t familiar with it, the Nest is a slick, compact, multipurpose stand which was originally designed with the iPad in mind, but works with a number of smartphones and other media devices (ex: Kindle, Nook, etc.). I was using an iPad 2 in my tests, so for the purposes of this blog post, I’ll be referencing that.

At first glance, the Nest looks like a tiny desk tray for holding small necessities (more on that in a bit). However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that a co-molded, non-slip rubber surrounds the entire “lip” of the tray. This same rubber can be found on the “sticky feet” on the bottom of the Nest. That rubber is the key here. All you need to do is place your device on the Nest screen-up , so the back is sitting against the rubber. I was skeptical at first, but was quickly (and pleasantly) surprised at how well the Nest both stays in place itself, and how securely it gripped the iPad. Also, I found that it held my iPad at a great, usable viewing angle.

The Nest is nothing, if not versatile. In addition to the standard use outlined above, it also holds a hidden slide-out cradle so you can keep your device at an upright viewing angle, great for showing media to your friends/family/coworkers, or for simply kicking back and watching something yourself. And remember when I said that it looks like a tiny desk tray for holding small necessities? Well, that’s because it triples as one of those too (I’m currently using mine to hold my iPod shuffle and an iStubz cable)! That same tray works great if you want to use the Nest as a holder for your smartphone (quadrupling as a stand for those as well).

After spending some time with the Nest, I was more than reassured of it’s quality, and I’m happy to see it introduced into the CableJive line of products. If you’re looking for a great smartphone, iPad, tablet, or e-reader stand for your desk at work or home, the Nest is an excellent solution. It’s available now, and comes in both white and black.