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Also, with the holiday shopping season in full swing, we’ve just posted our Holiday Shipping Guide, which helps you pick the right shipping method so your order arrives in time for Christmas.

Thanks as always for your incredible support!


No Port, No Problem – Take 25% off dockXtender & dockStubz


The rumors were true! The iPhone 7 does not have a traditional headphone port. Love it or hate it, many people will be adjusting to this new reality soon. If you’re one of those people, your iPhone’s Lightning connection is more important than ever before. Don’t worry, our hit dockStubz & dockXtender adapters are here to help! No Port? No Problem!

You’re probably getting a case for your new iPhone, and you don’t want to have to take it off every time you connect your favorite headphones. Our dockStubz for Lightning case adapter will help with that! Or maybe you want to give your new Lightning headphones (or headphone adapter) a little more length? Our dockXtender for Lightning cables are available in 2 foot & 6 foot options, giving you the extra reach you need. Both adapters use CableJive’s specially designed male connectors that are compatible with nearly every case available, letting you keep your case on when you connect to any Lightning headphones, chargers, docks, or other accessories.

Thousands of our customers already know how helpful the dockStubz & dockXtender can be, and we’d love to show even more of you. That’s why we’re offering 25% off our dockStubz & dockXtender products right now!

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The dockXtender & dockStubz are more useful now than ever before. We hope you find them as invaluable as we do. Thanks as always for your incredible support of our products and company. We couldn’t do this without you!

CableJive’s 2016 Spring Sale Going On Now!

Spring is right around the corner, and we’re so excited, we decided to get the party started a little early.
So celebrate with us by taking 15% off everything we sell at, plus FREE Standard Shipping for our US-based customers.

Save now on all our hit products. Give your smartphone or tablet a place to call home with HeroDock. Enjoy the warming weather outdoors with your favorite device and keep your protective case on while you connect to all your favorite accessories with dockStubz or dockXtender. Grab an XLR mic and record wherever your travels take you with the ProJive XLR. Or check out any of the other great accessories we offer.

And if you’re looking for a super handy extra long or extra short sync and charge cable then there’s never been a better time. We’re running a huge sale on our iBoltz XL & XS cables, so get ’em while the gettin’s good. We’ve got tons of other great products that we’ve added to our “Sale” section, and you can see them all here.

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CableJive’s Big Holiday Sale Going On Now!

blog-5-off-exp-shippingFinished all your Christmas shopping yet? I didn’t think so. The good news for you, as far as the CableJive web store is concerned, it’s the best time to do all that rush online shopping you love doing. For starters, we’re taking 20% off across the entire store. That’s 20% off everything we sell, including the just-released dockXtender for Lightning devices, all our great dockBoss air Wireless Bluetooth audio solutions, and so much more! The best part is, you don’t even have to do anything to get this discount. Simply add any item to your cart, and the 20% will be taken off automatically.

And since shipping can be critical this time of year, we’re offering you two ways to save! If you don’t need your order before Christmas, you can get FREE USPS First-Class shipping on orders over $35. Or, take $5 off any Expedited shipping option, like FedEx / UPS 2-day & overnight, to get your gifts in time to go under the tree. Don’t worry, no one will know you waited! Simply go to your cart, select your preferred shipping method, & click the button at the bottom of the page to apply this discount.

If you’re not sure which shipping service you should select, please see our Holiday Shipping Order-By Dates so you can choose the right one for you. Happy shopping & happy holidays!

$5 off $50 Now at

blog-5-off-50-aOver the past few months we’ve released some great new products like dockBoss5 & samDock, and created our Certified Deals page where you can find great deals daily. Great products, great deals, but one thing’s missing: a way to save $ on them all. Until now.

That’s why, in addition to our ongoing offer of “Free US Shipping on orders over $35,” we’ll take $5 off any order of $50 or more. Both deals are good across our entire store, including items that are already marked on sale! Combine these offers with the sales currently happening on our Certified Deals page, and you could save some serious cash!

Simply enter the code “5off50” during checkout to get your discount. Offer ends July 30th.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Poll Results

blogAlright, the results are in! Our customers have been voting with their clicks all week, telling us whether the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4 is their dream-smartphone of the future (or present). Here’s how it ended up:

iPhone 5:     75.4%
Galaxy S4:   24.6%

Obviously iPhone 5 was the reigning champ, and that hasn’t changed much, but the Galaxy S4 taking practically a quarter of the vote is more impressive than expected. It’ll be interesting to see how Apple’s announcement later this month might change opinions.

Well, the voting is over, but the savings are not. We’re keeping the discount pages open over the weekend at least, so head over to and choose your device to save 15% on select items now!

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Sale


Since the release of the S3, Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones have risen to become the only true challenger to the iPhone’s market dominance to-date. And now, with the release of the new Galaxy S4, the question of switching from iOS to Android is bigger and more prevalent than ever before.

Because we’re a curious lot, we want to know what YOU think. So head over to our homepage right now and tell us which device you want to buy next (or currently own, if that’s the case). Simply click on the “iPhone 5” or “Samsung Galaxy S4” side of the main homepage image to make your choice. From there, you’ll be taken to a corresponding section of our website where we have select items for whichever device you chose marked at 15% off!

We’ll announce the results of this little experiment on Friday 6/7, so stay tuned for that if you’re interested. Either way, make your choice known, and save some $ in the process.

24 Hours Of Free USPS First Class Shipping!

Dec17_2012Based on our holiday shipping projections, if you want a chance to get your order in time for Christmas but you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for shipping, then you have until 12:00 Noon EST tomorrow (12/18) to place your order with USPS First Class Shipping.

But since it’s the season of giving, we want to help. So we’re giving you FREE USPS FIRST CLASS SHIPPING from now until the cutoff time so you can focus on getting the right gift for your favorite tech-crazed friend or family member. So if you have any Christmas shopping left to do, or if you feel like getting a little something for yourself, head on over to our webstore between now and 12:00 Noon EST tomorrow and take advantage of free USPS First Class shipping!

No code needed. USPS First Class Shipping will appear as $0 in checkout system until offer ends.

Enter To Win A FREE ChromaSync Cable On Our Facebook Page

We like friends. You like free things & discounts. Anyone interested in bridging that gap should head over to our Facebook Page. For everyone who likes us between now and November 9th, we’re giving 1 out of every 5 of you a FREE ChromaSync cable.

How do you enter, you ask? Simply click on the “FREE Colored Cable” link, right underneath our cover photo (or you can just click here), Like our Facebook Page, and enter from there. Everyone who enters also get’s a coupon code good for 15% off ALL CableJive brand products on our webstore at, so there’s something for everyone!

Entry closes at 12 Noon EST on 11/9, and we’ll be drawing our winners shortly after that. If you want to add some color to your syncing & charging world for FREE, there’s never been a better (or easier) way to go about it. Head over to our Facebook page and enter now!

20% Off dockBoss Now Thru Election Day!

Democrat or Republican? iOS or Android? Maybe you’re an independent? Maybe you still use a Blackberry? We don’t judge. We want to give you MORE options this election season. We want to make your life easier. And we want to save you money! Power to the people!

Campaign speeches aside, you have enough to worry about this election season. Why worry about that great, expensive iPod speaker dock of your’s becoming obsolete? With our dockBoss cable, you can play audio from ANY device that has a headphone/minijack port through your favorite iPod speaker dock or system. Use your Android, Blackberry, Windows phone or tablet, Lightning-equipped iDevice, Laptop, or whatever else you use to play music with one of the many incredible 30-pin iPod speaker docks on the market today.

And now through Election Day, November 6th, you can get 20% off our dockBoss cables by using the coupon code boss12, or by clicking here.

If you want more choices, more freedom, and you want to save some money too, go dockBoss, and go now!