CableJive’s Independence Day Blow-out!

I’m a regular old freedom-loving American. Like every single American I regularly treck across Purple Mountains Majesty, fill with the warmth of liberty at the sight of a soaring Bald Eagle, instinctively chop down any Cherry Trees in sight, and have a native inability to “drive 55.”  Also, like all Americans, I love a good deal. And it’s even better when I get the chance to give out those deals. So in honor of this Independence Day weekend, I would like to pass these savings on to you:

From now until July 5th on the CableJive web-store, get a ridiculous 40% off all our iStubz cables by using the coupon code: iStubz40

Need something other than an iStubz cable? Take 20% off anything else in the store with the code: GW1776

Coupon codes are entered during checkout. You may use both codes when placing your order, if applicable. So go on and start celebrating Independence Day by participating in the new great American pastime; online shopping!

Attn: Micro USB Devices, You’ve Been CableJive’d

Listen-up all you Android, Blackberry, Kindle, Nook, or any other type of Micro USB connected device users! We’ve finally made our first official foray into your world, and hopefully we can make life a little easier for you. Our smash hit iStubz and xlSync cables are now available for your devices too! Need a super-short charge and sync cable for travel? Look no further than the CableJive-official microStubz cable. Or, are you on the other end, and need extra length? Then the xlSync for Micro USB is your answer. What’s that you say? You need a regular length cable?! Well, we have those too, but their less exciting.

They’re all on sale right now and available on the CableJive store and Amazon. We’re pretty fired up about these, and we hope they can help as many people (or more) as their older brothers did. (Or is it cousins? Cable family trees are confusing).

CableJive and Maximizing What You Have

As many cars thankfully have these days, mine has a simple AUX input so I can listen to audio from a variety of sources while driving around. In my car this input is conveniently located right under the stereo controls, on the front of the system. For a while I had a regular 1/8″ to 1/8″ cable connected for listening to music from my iPhone 4. Audio quality was fine going through the headphone port on the iPhone (as good as it could be coming from there), and I was able to connect power to the 30-pin port on the bottom as well. Of couse, this meant that I had a loop of cables connected to both the top and bottom of my iPhone anytime I wanted to listen and charge at the same time. In addition to being cumbersome for anyone-especially a driver who may need to quickly answer a call or change songs (only when stopped of course)-this setup also prevented me from being able to store my iPhone in any convenient areas in my car (such as the designated phone port, where I also keep a near continuous supply of Orbit Wintermint gum). The result being that I’d usually just leave everything strewn about the passengers seat or cup holders. Not a good look, amongst other things

The +USB Line Out Dock Cable really cleared these issues up quick. It allows me to run high quality line out audio from my iPhone through the AUX input and charge it at the same time all through the 30-pin connector on the bottom. This makes storing and handling my iPhone significantly more convenient while it’s connected to the stereo system. It might not sound like a huge difference, but it’s been an enormous help. One of those little things you deal with every day, but it’s not until you STOP dealing with it that you realize how much of an improvement has been made.

For the photo above, I connected all the CableJive products I keep in my car to show how they’ve helped me maximize my available options, and turn my system into an all-in-one music-bumping device-charging machine! As stated above, the +USB Line Out Dock Cable provides both the audio (via my car’s AUX port) and charging connections. I also used a 6 ft. dockXtender cable to extend the length of that 30-pin connection and run it under my seats so I can keep it closer to me on the drivers side without having to leave the wire dangling in front. The dualCharge provides the power via my car’s DC power port (AKA the artist formally known as the cigarette lighter port). I keep both an iStubz and microStubz cable in my center console for use with the extra USB port the dualCharge provides, incase any of my passengers need to juice up as well.

So, there’s my setup (it normally looks much cleaner, but I wanted to squeeze everything into that picture). We’d love to see how YOU use CableJive products to get what you want out of your car or home audio system. Feel free to share your story or pics with us at

Updated xlSync and iPad Charging

You may recall back in April, when we announced the updates to our xlSync cable. These included some minor external and internal upgrades, but the most important change we made improved the compatibility of these new cables with the iPad and iPad 2 devices.

We initially designed the xlSync cable before the launch of the first iPad. It worked great with all iPods and iPhones already, and in our tests it seemed to work well with the iPad also. However, over the months we continued getting reports from some customers that the xlSync cable wasn’t charging their iPads as well as they’d hoped. Long story short, our team was able to isolate that issue, and resolve it with these newly designed cables.

To confirm these new xlSync cables perform exactly as they should, we put one head-to-head against the standard sync cable that came with the iPad. In this test, we connected an iPad and iPad 2 to their OEM power bricks (which were both connected to the same power strip. This can be seen in the photo above). The iPad 2 was charging via it’s OEM sync cable, and the iPad 1 was charging via the brand new updated xlSync cable. After 45 minutes of charging here were the results:

iPad 2 charging w/ standard sync cable:   +14%
iPad 1 charging w/ updated xlSync cable: +14%

There you have it. More than double the length of the standard cable, and you lose none of the charging power. Both the white and black xlSync cables have received this update, and are now available to purchase for your iPad (or any other i-device) charging pleasure.

duraSync: Now and into the Future

This week, we sold our last duraSync cable in its current form. The duraSync was a vision we had after hearing from so many customers who were fed up with their sync cables failing or breaking on them. We were proud to offer the most durable sync cable money can by, and stand behind it with a lifetime warranty.

Today, that pride is not lost. While version 1 of the duraSync is no longer available, we are going back to the drawing board to make it even better. We’ve started formulating ideas for this new and improved version and we want your thoughts. To let us know what you’d like to see in the next duraSync cable, feel free to send your suggestions to

To sign up to be notified when this new and improved duraSync cable is available, go to the duraSync product page.