Christmas Shipping Cutoff Dates 2012

So you survived Turkey Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Back-To-Normal Tuesday. Great! If you’re one of the lucky ones who likes to plan ahead and have all your holiday shopping done already, then I envy you. For the rest of us, the Christmas shopping season is in full swing, and I know I’m not the only person who needs to know the last possible date I can order presents by.

So, for all my fellow procrastinators, I present to you our Christmas Shipping Cutoff Dates for 2012. They include cutoff dates for domestic, international, and military addresses, and can be found here:

Happy shopping!

dockBoss air How-To-Pair Videos

Our dockBoss air has proven to be quite popular since it was launched two weeks back, and we’re truly thankful for the positive response. In an effort to help our customers get connected to their dockBoss airs more quickly and easily, we’ve put together a couple short videos showing you how to pair it with both Apple and Android devices via Bluetooth. You can find both videos on our dockBoss air product page, or view them below. Happy pairing!

Apple Devices:

Android Devices:

dockBoss air Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for iPod Speaker Docks

It’s a crazy day for us here at CableJive, as we launch our biggest non-cable product yet, the dockBoss air. Those familiar with our dockBoss line of products know that they’re designed to help expand the compatibility of 30-pin iPod speaker docks to connect with a wider range of devices, and it’s with the dockBoss air that we take that concept to its true (and logical) next level.

dockBoss air is a small adapter that connectes any Bluetooth-enabled audio device to your iPod speaker docks and systems, allowing you to stream HiFi audio wirelessly. It pairs with your devices quickly and easily so connecting to your systems is as simple as being in range. It’s powered by the docking station / system itself, so no need for chargers or batteries. Perfect for Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, or new lightning-equipped iDevice users looking to get a working speaker dock for their audio players, or classic iPod, iPad, & iPhone users just looking to go wireless. Not to mention streaming audio from your PC, tablet, or laptop. Plus, if you have an AUX input in your car, you can pair it with our +USB Line Out Dock Cable and a USB car charger like our dualCarCharge and instantly add Bluetooth wireless audio to your car!

There’s never been a better time to be the boss of your dock. Our dockBoss air is available right now:

CableJive Service Web Help System Launches

We’ve been providing email-based service & support to our customers since we sold our 1st cable back in 2006. We’re vigilant about email and passionate about helping our customers, always thinking about what we’d like to see from an email-based service team if we were the customers ourselves. Sure, some people are skeptical about email-based customer service in general, but thanks to the efforts of our team we’ve been able to thoughtfully and thoroughly address the needs of every customer that comes to us, and change some minds in the process.

Today, we’re officially trying to take that approach to the next level, with the introduction of the CableJive Service web-help system.  We used data we’ve collected from years of customer service emails to create a system that meets the following 2 goals:

1.) Help customers get answers to certain questions without ever having to send an email.

2.) Help customers quickly and easily provide us with the appropriate information when they DO have to email us.

Thankfully, we think we’ve been able to accomplish both. Simply go to the CableJive Service page at, select the option that best fits your question, and you’ll either get an answer, or you’ll be able to send an email to our team right from that page, allowing us to help you as quickly as possible. We hope you find it as useful as we think it is, so the next time you need help from our service team, head on over and take it for a spin.

Enter To Win A FREE ChromaSync Cable On Our Facebook Page

We like friends. You like free things & discounts. Anyone interested in bridging that gap should head over to our Facebook Page. For everyone who likes us between now and November 9th, we’re giving 1 out of every 5 of you a FREE ChromaSync cable.

How do you enter, you ask? Simply click on the “FREE Colored Cable” link, right underneath our cover photo (or you can just click here), Like our Facebook Page, and enter from there. Everyone who enters also get’s a coupon code good for 15% off ALL CableJive brand products on our webstore at, so there’s something for everyone!

Entry closes at 12 Noon EST on 11/9, and we’ll be drawing our winners shortly after that. If you want to add some color to your syncing & charging world for FREE, there’s never been a better (or easier) way to go about it. Head over to our Facebook page and enter now!

dockBoss+ iPhone 5 Kit Makes iLounge’s 2013 Buyers’ Guide

For those unaware, iLounge’s iPhone + iPod Buyer’s Guide is a huge resource for owners of said devices, which they kindly provide for free. Millions of people view it every year, and with the recent launches of all the new Lightnight-equipped iDevices and the addition of over 200,000 new apps to the App Store in the last calendar year, 2013’s edition is one of the biggest and best yet. Given all this, it was an honor to find out that our dockBoss+ iPhone 5 Kit was not only featured in their mammoth collection, but we’re the only non-Apple-made accessory in their “Lightning Add-Ons” section! Thanks to iLounge for the love, and thanks to everyone who bought one and helped make it a success!

To find us, along with all the other great accessories they recommend, download iLounge’s 2013 iPhone + iPod Buyer’s Guide now.