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blog-5-off-50-aOver the past few months we’ve released some great new products like dockBoss5 & samDock, and created our Certified Deals page where you can find great deals daily. Great products, great deals, but one thing’s missing: a way to save $ on them all. Until now.

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dockBoss5: Charge and listen to any phone or tablet on an iPhone or iPod dock

Do you have an old iPod or iPhone speaker dock that seems useless since you upgraded to an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy, or other mobile device? Ever wish you could hook up your iPad or tablet, charge one device while listening to another, or make it more fun and usable for others at parties? Or maybe you don’t even have a speaker dock yet, and are wondering if you can pick up an old one on the cheap (hint: You Can!)? If you fall under any of those categories, then you might be especially excited by our newest product, dockBoss5:

More info and to purchase: http://www.cablejive.com/products/dockBoss5.html

dockBoss5 is the 5th release in our series of dockBoss adapters designed to make new iOS, Android and other devices compatible with the millions of iPod or iPhone docks that have flooded the market prior to the release of iPhone 5. It turns your old speaker dock into a universal charging and audio station in no time. It’s plug and play, simply connect your USB and audio cables of choice (or use the Micro USB and 1/8″ AUX cables included) and start getting the most out of that great sounding speaker dock you used to love using so much.