Come See All Our New Cases!

Throughout our history, one of our main areas of expertise relates to connectivity issues between users’ encased iDevices and their accessories (see: dockXtender, dockStubz, etc). But today we’re broadening that focus even more as we announce our expanded lineup of cases, where you can find a variety of protection and color options, all at great prices!

Personally, I have never owned a smartphone that I didn’t quickly put a case or cover on, and anyone who’s tried to sift through the ocean of iPhone cases on the market today knows that the experience can be stressful. Everyone and their Mama wants to sell you their version of an iPhone case, and after your first phone drop, you’ll be hoping you picked a good one!

We want to make it easier for you, by hand-picking cases we trust to have the best quality-for-the-money, giving you great options without making the choice overwhelming. So far, we’ve added the following cases to the mix:

Marware Membrane (for iPhone 4/4S)

Speck Pixelskin HD (for iPhone 4/4S)

Otterbox Impact (for iPhone 3G/3GS)

Now, no matter your budget, style, or desired level of protection, come to CableJive to find a quality selection of cases you can trust, along with the adapters and cables you need to get connected.

New CableJive HQ Update #3

Construction of our new office space is nearing the finish line! Everyone has been hard at work, and the final touches are ongoing. We got some great shots of their latest work in today, and it’s coming together wonderfully. Please reference updates one & two to see just how much progress has been made.

In our first shot, you can see the view from the hallway has changed a bit (hint, we have a front door now!).

Here’s a shot from the far right wall of our space. A good look at how our new offices are setup, and most importantly, on the other side of that huge glass wall is our great new conference room!

Right across from our conference room, is the new CableJive kitchen (tile floor being installed soon)! Anyone who’s seen our current office space knows how big of a step-up this is!

And last, but certainly not least, heres a glimpse of our new and thankfully much bigger warehouse room:

Well there you have it. As you can see, there’s not a whole lot left to be done besides the whole moving in part, which is happening very soon.  We can’t wait to get in there, so stay tuned for the final results!

dockBoss+ Now Available w/ Female USB & Audio Connectors!

Our dockBoss+ cable has made it possible for thousands of of users connect non-Apple devices to their favorite iPod docks and speaker systems; allowing them to listen to audio AND charge where it was not possible before. Its Micro USB connector is compatible with hundreds of the latest gadgets, but it certainly doesn’t cover everybody. What if you need a longer audio connection? Or even worse, what if your device doesn’t utilize a Micro USB connector?

Starting today, don’t worry about it. Due to popular demand, we’ve added a new version of our hit dockBoss+ cable that provides a female standard USB connector for charging, and a female 3.5mm audio port. And, it’s available right now!

Use any length AUX cable you want to get the audio connection that works for you, and use whichever USB-based power cable that came with your device to charge it. Now, no mater what mobile device you use, you can truly be the boss of your dock!

ProJive XLR Cables Are Back In Stock!

Our ProJive XLR cables were an even bigger hit than we could have imagined when we released them. As it turned out, there were a ton of smartphone and tablet users who were looking for a simple, straight-forward approach to connecting professional-grade XLR microphones to their devices. Which is why today I’m very happy to announce that they are back in stock!

Plus, if you’re into appearances, they’re now sporting the slick-looking official CableJive packaging, which you can see to the right. If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the best and easiest way to connect an XLR microphone to your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, or other mobile device, the wait is over! They’re available right now, and you can find them here:

Winner – CableJive Photo Contest 7/13-7/16

Congrats to @caitlinflanagan, for winning $25 to the CableJive webstore by Tweeting us a picture of her ChromaSync & iStubz cables! And don’t forget, if you want your shot at winning one of our next contests, keep it locked in here to our blog, follow us on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook!

CableJive Photo Contest 7/13-7/16

I told you we weren’t done giving free stuff away! We’re running a photo contest this weekend which could net you $25 to spend on anything in the CableJive webstore. And it’s super easy to enter.

All you need to do is take a picture of a CableJive product (like the one above, or more creative if you’re up to it), then Tweet it to us (@cablejive) OR post it on our Facebook page ( One lucky winner will be selected at random out of all the pictures we receive. Contest entry closes Monday July 16th at 1 PM EST. We’ll announce the winner shortly after, right here on our blog, once we’ve confirmed with them.

**BONUS** If your picture wins and you’ve also posted it on Instagram, you’ll get a CableJive T-shirt too! (Note, you will have to provide the Instagram link)

You don’t have to own the product, but it MUST be a picture you take (so stop Google Image searching already!). It just might be the easiest $25 you’ve ever made, so good luck & happy shooting!

If You Don’t Follow Us On Twitter, Maybe You Should

If you were paying attention on Twitter today, you may have noticed our tweet from earlier:

1st person to correctly name the CableJive product in this picture wins one plus a CableJive sticker pack. Ready? Go! 

The image we linked to is the one above. Think you know the answer? Well even if you knew it was a dockXtender, you didn’t know it before our winner @Montego335xi, who won himself a 6 ft one plus a CableJive sticker pack by answering our question in all-of-about 1 minute, narrowly edging out other lightning fast tweeps.

But hey, don’t hang your head in shame. This isn’t the last quick Twitter giveaway we’ll be doing either, so if you don’t follow us yet, maybe you should. You know, if you like free things. In fact, if you like free things you should Like us on Facebook and stay tuned here to our Blog too, because we’ll be spreading the love to all our friends over the coming weeks and months. And you won’t have to wait very long for your next chance to win something. Like, maybe, 24 hours or so…ah, I’ve said too much!

New CableJive HQ Update #2

A little over a month since construction began, some awesome progress has been made on our new office space. If you recall from our first update, they had just started the framework for our offices on the totally-empty 3rd floor. Now, thanks to the partially completed hallway, it feels more like home from the second you step off the elevator:

But plenty has been done inside our confines as well. It’s especially great to see the progress of the actual offices themselves!

And last but not least, the entrance and all important kitchen area. Our current kitchen-nook is basically a mini fridge and a microwave, so you can imagine how excited everyone is about this.

While obviously still lacking all the glitter & polish, our new space is coming along right on schedule. More updates to follow as things progress!

Kenburg Products Join The CableJive Lineup

The folks over at Kenburg Technology are passionate about finding interesting solutions to common connectivity problems. Naturally we share similar sentiments, so while pondering new products to add to our lineup, we were curious to see what they had up their sleeves. And today, we’re proud to officially introduce two of their newest products to the CableJive lineup: the DockMicro adapter and their Kaleidaz colored charge & sync cables.

The DockMicro is a simple-yet-brilliant 30-pin to Micro USB adapter, that allows you to charge and sync your iPod, iPad, or iPhone using a micro USB connection. A huge benefit to anyone who uses both Apple and Android devices, or for those who frequently find themselves in mixed company. It’s great to have around for those emergency charging situations when you might not have a 30-pin cable handy.

The Kaleidaz cables let you separate yourself from the pack, by adding a splash of color to the normally drab black & white world of charge & sync cables. I personally find these cables great in any charging scenario, as the bright colors make it easier to quickly locate my iPhone. Anyone who spends enough time fumbling around a dark hotel room for their once-dead iDevice may agree.

Both products are available now! Keep an eye on these and any new Kenburg products we offer on the “Kenburg” brand section of our website.