Come See’s New Look!


If you stopped by at any point in the last couple of days, you probably noticed that we made some changes. In an effort to help our customers find products quicker and easier, we’ve redesigned our homepage and most of our navigation in general. Here’s a brief outline of what’s changed:


On the homepage you’ll now be greeted by big, beautiful rotating images, a new look for our “What Folks are Saying” section, a redesigned Featured Products list, and some other useful links. Most importantly, the left-side navigation is now gone, but that’s only for the homepage. It still appears across the rest of the website.

Top Navigation:

There’s now two giant buttons up top. Simply hover over those and a drop-down menu appears, allowing you to select the device you want to shop for. The “HELP” button (top-right) connects you directly to our support page, where you can get help and send questions to our service team. Additionally, you can find our new alert system at the very top of the page (blue icon, orange text in the picture above). Should we have anything to alert our customers about, we’ll do it there (ie: Free Shipping offers, potential delays due to weather, seasonal promotions, etc).

Footer Navigation:

All of our other menu items have been moved to the Footer at the bottom of the page, where you’ll also find nice giant buttons to take you to any of our social media sites, as well as a sign-up form to join our email list right in the Footer (and practically all our emails include some type of coupon, discount, or other way for you to save, so you might want to sign up if you haven’t already).

We hope you’ll find our new design as useful as we intended it to be! So please check it out if you haven’t already, and If you have any questions, feedback, or trouble with anything on the website, let us know at or drop us a line in the comments section below.

50% OFF All Certified Pre-Opened Products!

We just launched our re-designed “Certified Pre-Opened” section, and to kick things off we’re selling all available pre-opened products at 50% OFF regular MSRP! If you’re looking to score great CableJive products on-the-cheap, now is definitely the time!

We regularly get inventory returned to us that was opened, but remains in practically-new, perfect working condition. Unlike others who may try to sell those units as brand-new (we’re looking at you throngs of shady eBay cable pushers), we take a more honest approach. We put them to the test just to be sure, and if they pass, then you get to buy them at a significant discount. It’s as simple as that.

Due to the limited and ever-changing nature of this inventory, available products and quantities change daily. Be sure to check back often so you don’t miss out on any deals!

New to CableJive: Planet Waves Instrument & Mic Cables!

I have to say, I’m quite stoked to announce that CableJive is now an authorized reseller of Planet Waves cables! Their experience and commitment to quality make Planet Waves a perfect fit for our new Musician’s Gear section, as we look to provide innovative and trustworthy solutions to our music-making brethren. And should you or anyone you know be a guitar player or singer / frontman of any repute, you can pick up our initial offerings right now:

20 ft. long 1/4″ Instrument Cable
25 ft. long XLR Mic Cable

We had some great guitar-related discussions with people at CES 2012. That combined with the early success of our ProJive Instrument and ProJive XLR cables has given us good reason to consider adding in more musician-centric products. We want to provide the best, and most useful products to all you musicians out there, so we’re always open to your thoughts and suggestions. If there’s anything you’d like to see added in, let us know at

Inventory Management and Forecasting for a Growing Business

dockXtender Shipment

CableJive has been looking for an inventory management and forecasting solution for a few years now.

Back in 2006 when we first started selling cables we could easily keep track of things using a spreadsheet. By 2008 we had added enough new products from a variety of suppliers and manufacturers that it was time for something more.

I looked around and couldn’t find what we needed; a simple, powerful inventory tracking and forecasting solution that would easily integrate into an existing business. We didn’t need a full ERP system, our other systems were working well and sufficient for us. We just needed a system that would track our inventory and give us basic reports so we could keep inventory in stock. With no good fit to be found, CableJive developed a homegrown piece of software that integrated very nicely as an add-on to our order management system.

Fast forward to 2011, CableJive has continued to grow (yea!) which means more products and suppliers, all handled well by our CableJive inventory add-on. What isn’t handled so well is that we now have multiple warehouses and multiple fulfillment centers shipping orders. We need to know a lot more than just how much inventory is in stock and when to order more. We need to know the overall picture of our inventory, but also how much is at each warehouse and how to allocate new inventory to the various locations in such a way that each one has the right amount to get through until more arrives. We’re in a painful spot trying to manage all of this manually.

So we’re in the hunt again for a small business inventory management solution. More details to come on what we’ve found as we’re digging into the options.