New to CableJive: Planet Waves Instrument & Mic Cables!

I have to say, I’m quite stoked to announce that CableJive is now an authorized reseller of Planet Waves cables! Their experience and commitment to quality make Planet Waves a perfect fit for our new Musician’s Gear section, as we look to provide innovative and trustworthy solutions to our music-making brethren. And should you or anyone you know be a guitar player or singer / frontman of any repute, you can pick up our initial offerings right now:

20 ft. long 1/4″ Instrument Cable
25 ft. long XLR Mic Cable

We had some great guitar-related discussions with people at CES 2012. That combined with the early success of our ProJive Instrument and ProJive XLR cables has given us good reason to consider adding in more musician-centric products. We want to provide the best, and most useful products to all you musicians out there, so we’re always open to your thoughts and suggestions. If there’s anything you’d like to see added in, let us know at

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