My iPhone 5 Dock with Lightning Connector

ImageEver since the iPhone 5 arrived I’ve been missing being able to throw it on the dock on my bedstand at night and have it fully charged in the morning. Right now there are no docks for the new Lightning devices, everyone waiting for Apple to authorize manufacturers to move forward, or to see what the grey market brings.

Enter the iPhone 5 Lego dock station, which my son and I built today using plans from The Daily Brick. It takes some unusual pieces, but a little digging in our “legoland” room we found everything we needed and even some parts to give it a splash of CableJive color. I wouldn’t say it’s the most stable solution, upon completion we immediately had ideas to make it better, but it will do until we decide it’s worth re-engineering to make it more stable and robust.

Of course, if you have an iPhone 5 or other Lightning device and need to dock to an older speaker or car system with a 30-pin connector you can always pick up a dockBoss iPhone 5 Kit which lets you charge and listen to your iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th gen or iPod nano 7th gen on an older speaker dock.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday: 75% off iStubz Short iPhone & iPod Sync Cable

We’ve had lots of folks asking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The big deal is we’re doing a major clearance sale on 7cm iStubz cables. Instead of $7.95, you can pick up one (or two, or three) of these awesomely useful, super portable sync cables for $2. Yes, $2 to have a stubby iPhone, iPod, and iPad sync cable in your pocket wherever you go.

Thanks Steve

Solemn mood at CableJive today thinking about the passing of a legend. Like so many others, reflecting on the impact Steve Jobs had on the industry and on us personally. I’ve been a fan of Apple since I was very young, first hacking on an Apple II for hours at a time at the local public library.

We will miss you Steve, your example and passion will continue to be an inspiration as we march forward.

Andriod to iPod/iPhone Dock Adapter Cable

I’ve gotten a Zune connected to an iPod/iPhone dock in the past, but what seems more compelling these days with the rise of Android is to make an adapter or a cable to get a micro USB device to an iPhone, iPod, or iPad docking station.

Important caveat: it’s technically impossible to provide the same kind of device integration that an iPod/iPhone car or speaker system provides; audio, video, track and playlist control, viewing track information on the car system, etc. Those are things that Apple’s 30-pin docking adapter all have built in, which is why it is so compelling and revolutionary. A micro USB connector can only really charge and sync a device, it doesn’t not have the connections to do all that fancy integration.

I wish there wasn’t this caveat. However, if you’re willing to accept the compromise that Android integration cannot match what Apple provides, but want to at least get something out of that iPod/iPhone speaker or other docking system, there’s a way.

Apple’s dock connector (the 30-pin plug on the bottom of the iPhone, iPod, and iPad) provides many functions. Most Android phones include two jacks; a micro USB connector for charging and syncing, and a standard 1/8″ (2.5mm) audio jack for standard headphones. The pins for these two connectors on Android phones can be isolated on the 30-pin connector and provided for

CableJive’s dockBoss+ adapter cable does exactly this, it lets you plug a smart little adapter onto your iPod or iPhone speaker dock or car system, and provides a micro USB and audio cable so you can charge your Android phone and listen to audio, both through your docking system.

It’s not the ultimate solution, but until Apple decides to open up their proprietary communication system (never going to happen), getting micro USB and audio to connect an Android phone to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad dock at least keeps your phone charged and keep the music playing.

Inventory Management and Forecasting for a Growing Business

dockXtender Shipment

CableJive has been looking for an inventory management and forecasting solution for a few years now.

Back in 2006 when we first started selling cables we could easily keep track of things using a spreadsheet. By 2008 we had added enough new products from a variety of suppliers and manufacturers that it was time for something more.

I looked around and couldn’t find what we needed; a simple, powerful inventory tracking and forecasting solution that would easily integrate into an existing business. We didn’t need a full ERP system, our other systems were working well and sufficient for us. We just needed a system that would track our inventory and give us basic reports so we could keep inventory in stock. With no good fit to be found, CableJive developed a homegrown piece of software that integrated very nicely as an add-on to our order management system.

Fast forward to 2011, CableJive has continued to grow (yea!) which means more products and suppliers, all handled well by our CableJive inventory add-on. What isn’t handled so well is that we now have multiple warehouses and multiple fulfillment centers shipping orders. We need to know a lot more than just how much inventory is in stock and when to order more. We need to know the overall picture of our inventory, but also how much is at each warehouse and how to allocate new inventory to the various locations in such a way that each one has the right amount to get through until more arrives. We’re in a painful spot trying to manage all of this manually.

So we’re in the hunt again for a small business inventory management solution. More details to come on what we’ve found as we’re digging into the options.

2011 CES Day 1: Awesome

We’re really, really happy about all of the visitors we had in the CableJive booth on day one of CES here in Las Vegas. It being our first CES we weren’t quite sure what to expect but were quickly overwhelmed with groups of people.

We’ve given away a lot of brochures, pens, and magnet chip clips. If you are at the show, swing by soon before we run out of awesome freebies.

CES 2011

CES Booth is Set Up

The CableJive CES 2011 booth is set up. We got to meet some nice neighbors who were also setting up. Booth 4625 in the North Hall for anyone who wants to swing by. We have some freebies.

Sorry about the fuzziness.