CableJive Products on Amazon

CableJive and Amazon

The short story:
Over the past few months we’ve made a more serious effort to have CableJive’s great products available on We’re hearing and seeing how important this is to our customers, and wanted to make a few notes about what we’re doing to more fully partner with Amazon.

The longer story:
We’ve been fans of for years. In fact, I lived in the northwest when Amazon got started in Seattle and was surrounded by the excitement.

Fast forward many years, Amazon has become a very, very trusted seller of much, much more than books, and is also a destination for millions of people worldwide to browse, search, peruse, shop, etc.

Early on when CableJive was just getting started we recognized the importance of partnering with Amazon to get the word out about our products. Initially we did advertising on pages with related products so customers would learn about CableJive. Then we listed products on Amazon as a third-party seller so customers could buy directly on Amazon and have it shipped out from the CableJive warehouse.

The most significant partnering with Amazon has happened over the past few weeks when we moved quantities of our inventory over to be part of the Fulfillment by Amazon program. This change moves the entire purchasing and product delivery process into Amazon’s hands. Not only do they have the product listed, but when you purchase a product it is shipped from an Amazon warehouse. This means great CableJive products can be put into a box with a million other things sold on Amazon and delivered together.

We are extremely happy with the feedback we’re getting from customers who love Amazon and are happy to be able to purchase our products there. We’re also quite pleased with the increase in sales from folks who haven’t purchased from us before but trust Amazon enough to purchase there.

As an aside. The Amazon web services, which we’ve plugged into heavily, are incredible for managing, importing, exporting, researching, etc. Really cool how much is available to programmatically access.

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