Come See’s Brand New Look!


We are really, really excited to announce a major overhaul to the CableJive web site. Our #1 priority? Make shopping for great CableJive products simple and easy on any device big or small.

Come check it out:

If you have a CableJive account with us, you will need to reset your password before logging in. Please use this link to reset your CableJive account password:

Also, save 20% on all items in your cart right now with this code: NEWSITE20 (expires 10/31/15)

Thank you for giving us a reason to keep making great products!

-The CableJive Team

dockXtender for Lightning Devices Has Arrived!


The wait is over: dockXtender for Lightning Devices has arrived!

We released our very first iPod Dock Extender Cable way back in early 2007, in hopes of freeing our iPods from being stuck in our speaker docks. A few months later the first iPhone was released, and the world of smartphones (and their accessories) was changed forever. Since then, our old Dock Extender Cable evolved into the dockXtender & has been improved over the years in almost every single way.

The introduction of the iPhone 5 and Lightning connector presented new challenges, but after more than a year of development and careful consideration, we’re proud to present the next generation: dockXtender for Lightning Devices.

This full-functionality 2 ft long male to female cable extends the Lightning connector for all your favorite accessories, allowing you extra length when you need it, letting you hold your device in your hand when connected to speaker docks or other accessories, and with our new specially-designed male connector, you can keep your case on while you connect too!

We’ve had a number of customers asking about this cable, and we thank each and every one of your for your patience & support! The dockXtender for Lightning devices is available now from the CableJive web-store, and should be available on later this week.

Black Friday Sale Now Through Sunday!


You may have noticed that at some point in the recent past “Black Friday” has stretched well beyond the familiar confines of the 24-hour period following the end of Thanksgiving, and continues to spread outwards in both directions. The good news is: CableJive is no exception to this trend, and you get to reap the benefits!

We’re kicking off our Black Friday sale today and keeping it going through Sunday! Right now take 20% off all of our hit products on the CableJive web-store, and if you live in the US and spend over $50, it ships absolutely free! Simply enter the code “blackfriday” at checkout, or click the banner at the bottom of our cart page to apply the discount automatically.

This is THE weekend to stock up on great gifts for everyone you know who loves their smartphone or tablet (and it’s also the best time pickup something for yourself while you’re at it). Enjoy your turkey & shopping!

To see a list of all eligible sale items, click here.

MediaFlow MHL to HDMI Cable Available Now!


Smartphones and tablets have become the go-to media devices for many people these days. Movies, music, games, web browsing, and more all constantly at your fingertips. Which means it’s quite likely that there are many times, possibly every day, where you want to display that media on a larger screen; either to make your experience more enjoyable or to share your media with others. If only there was a way to simply plug your device into your HDTV. The good news is, if you have an MHL compatible smartphone or tablet (which many new Android devices are), there is, and we just added it to the CableJive lineup!

The MediaFlow MHL to HDMI Cable allows you to connect compatible smartphones & tablets to your HDTV via an available HDMI port for full screen mirroring. Your device’s screen will be broadcast directly to your TV screen, allowing you to view anything on your device in full, beautiful HD up to 1080p.

At 6.5 ft. in length, it allows you to sit a comfortable distance away from your TV, but if you need more reach you can see our lineup of new HDMI Extension Cables which we’ve also just added. They’re great for more than just extra reach, and are super useful to anyone who’s sick of struggling with tough-to-reach connections or who’d like to reduce the normal wear and tear on their TV’s HDMI ports.

Both the MediaFlow MHL to HDMI Cable and the HDMI Extension Cables are available right now on our webstore at

My iPhone 5 Dock with Lightning Connector

ImageEver since the iPhone 5 arrived I’ve been missing being able to throw it on the dock on my bedstand at night and have it fully charged in the morning. Right now there are no docks for the new Lightning devices, everyone waiting for Apple to authorize manufacturers to move forward, or to see what the grey market brings.

Enter the iPhone 5 Lego dock station, which my son and I built today using plans from The Daily Brick. It takes some unusual pieces, but a little digging in our “legoland” room we found everything we needed and even some parts to give it a splash of CableJive color. I wouldn’t say it’s the most stable solution, upon completion we immediately had ideas to make it better, but it will do until we decide it’s worth re-engineering to make it more stable and robust.

Of course, if you have an iPhone 5 or other Lightning device and need to dock to an older speaker or car system with a 30-pin connector you can always pick up a dockBoss iPhone 5 Kit which lets you charge and listen to your iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th gen or iPod nano 7th gen on an older speaker dock.

ProJive XLR: Professional Mic on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

I filmed a quick video showing how easy it is to connect the ProJive XLR cable for high quality audio recording on the go. Check it out, then get yours and start recording!

Thanks Steve

Solemn mood at CableJive today thinking about the passing of a legend. Like so many others, reflecting on the impact Steve Jobs had on the industry and on us personally. I’ve been a fan of Apple since I was very young, first hacking on an Apple II for hours at a time at the local public library.

We will miss you Steve, your example and passion will continue to be an inspiration as we march forward.

Andriod to iPod/iPhone Dock Adapter Cable

I’ve gotten a Zune connected to an iPod/iPhone dock in the past, but what seems more compelling these days with the rise of Android is to make an adapter or a cable to get a micro USB device to an iPhone, iPod, or iPad docking station.

Important caveat: it’s technically impossible to provide the same kind of device integration that an iPod/iPhone car or speaker system provides; audio, video, track and playlist control, viewing track information on the car system, etc. Those are things that Apple’s 30-pin docking adapter all have built in, which is why it is so compelling and revolutionary. A micro USB connector can only really charge and sync a device, it doesn’t not have the connections to do all that fancy integration.

I wish there wasn’t this caveat. However, if you’re willing to accept the compromise that Android integration cannot match what Apple provides, but want to at least get something out of that iPod/iPhone speaker or other docking system, there’s a way.

Apple’s dock connector (the 30-pin plug on the bottom of the iPhone, iPod, and iPad) provides many functions. Most Android phones include two jacks; a micro USB connector for charging and syncing, and a standard 1/8″ (2.5mm) audio jack for standard headphones. The pins for these two connectors on Android phones can be isolated on the 30-pin connector and provided for

CableJive’s dockBoss+ adapter cable does exactly this, it lets you plug a smart little adapter onto your iPod or iPhone speaker dock or car system, and provides a micro USB and audio cable so you can charge your Android phone and listen to audio, both through your docking system.

It’s not the ultimate solution, but until Apple decides to open up their proprietary communication system (never going to happen), getting micro USB and audio to connect an Android phone to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad dock at least keeps your phone charged and keep the music playing.

The dockXtender – Beware Of Imitators

Warning: not all dock extension cables are created equal. Ever since we started selling the Dock Extender Cable way back when, we’ve been getting email messages from people with similarly styled questions:

“Hello, I’m interested in your Dock Extender Cable/dockXtender, but I want to know if it works for audio. I recently purchased a similar cable (not yours) from a different website for cheap, but it would only charge my iPod.”

Our response to this was yes, of course, and it’s not that surprising of a question to receive actually. A quick eBay search for “iPod dock extension cable” will yield a ton of results for cheap “extension” cables that don’t deliver anything close to full functionality. Many of those listings fail to mention the limitations of their product’s functionality, and unfortunately people get duped into buying cheap cables that don’t work the way they thought they would.

Remember, the CableJive dockXtender is the only way to get a fully functional 30-pin dock extension cable for your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, from a company you can trust will stand behind it’s products and customers. Accept no imitations.