My iPhone 5 Dock with Lightning Connector

ImageEver since the iPhone 5 arrived I’ve been missing being able to throw it on the dock on my bedstand at night and have it fully charged in the morning. Right now there are no docks for the new Lightning devices, everyone waiting for Apple to authorize manufacturers to move forward, or to see what the grey market brings.

Enter the iPhone 5 Lego dock station, which my son and I built today using plans from The Daily Brick. It takes some unusual pieces, but a little digging in our “legoland” room we found everything we needed and even some parts to give it a splash of CableJive color. I wouldn’t say it’s the most stable solution, upon completion we immediately had ideas to make it better, but it will do until we decide it’s worth re-engineering to make it more stable and robust.

Of course, if you have an iPhone 5 or other Lightning device and need to dock to an older speaker or car system with a 30-pin connector you can always pick up a dockBoss iPhone 5 Kit which lets you charge and listen to your iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th gen or iPod nano 7th gen on an older speaker dock.

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