The CableJive CES 2011 Simulator


We’re getting excited to meet a bunch of folks, have some fun, and see a whole lot of electronics at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We’re booth number 4625, we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

CableJive (mostly our CES expert Cindy) has been really busy, working on all the preparations for the big event. There are a lot of details to coordinate for one of these shows, I had no idea. The sheer volume of the CES instructions handbook requires a dedicated person with a good memory to keep tabs on all of the details.

A few months back we set up a CES simulator in one of the CableJive offices. The office dimensions made for a perfect real-world practice area to get the spacing, materials, furniture. It’s been fun to get everything set up and then talk through what we’re seeing. Normally this is our conference room, so we’ve been having our weekly company meetings in the simulator which has spurred lots of conversations, creativity, and speculation about the event. We were there last year, but only to attend.

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