ChromaSync Cables Brighten Up Our Store

Oh the sync & charge cable. We’ve made you shorter. We’ve made you longer. We’ve made you more durable. How else could we possibly improve upon you? Wait, I know! Colors!

Introducing our new ChromaSync cables. The functionality is classic, the design is fresh. If you’re looking to make a statement or just brighten up your day, try carying one of these around instead of that old, ratty, used-to-be-white-now-a-dingy-gray cable you’ve always had. We promise it’ll work just as well, and it will look a whole lot better.

Bright colors = positive vibes. Let our ChromaSync cables bring some well deserved Yang to your gadget world’s overtly-Yin Feng Shui existence. They’re available right now at the CableJive web-store in Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, & Red, and they’re $7.95 each.