Goodnight, Sweet Universal Dock Converter

A while back, we released the Universal Dock Converter as a compliment to our Dock Input Cable. It provided a female 30-pin connection, and physically split out the charging and audio connections so customers could connect any audio device to an iPod dock or system and get that same functionality (in theory). However, as with the Dock Input Cable, we found that sometimes, simply providing the physical connections isn’t always enough to make some iPod systems “jive” (get it?!) with non-iPod devices (which is why we released the dockBoss). Regardless, we decided it would be a great “hobbyist” product that people could buy, try, and simply return if it didn’t work with there systems.

Fast forward to today, and the Universal Dock Converter has helped thousands of people connect non-iPod devices to iPod docking systems to enjoy charging and audio. Yet sadly, today, we sold our last one, and will not be getting any more in their current form. The Universal Dock Converter version 1.0 is no more. *moment of silence*

But fear not! We have not given up on our quest to allow you to connect non-iPod devices to iPod docking systems for both charging and audio. We are hard at work on Version 2 of the Universal Dock Converter (or whatever it will end up being called). No timetable for a release yet, so stay tuned right here for details down the road!

Introducing CableJive Recycled Deals!

Like any company that sells accessories, sometimes customers return perfectly good products to us for a variety of reasons. When our customers pay for a brand new CableJive product, they get a brand new CableJive product, so we weren’t going to package them up and try to pass them off as new, but we certainly didn’t want them to go to waste either. So, we decided to turn them into big savings for you instead!

We took those pre-opened products and created CableJive Recycled Deals! Simply head over to the new Recycled Deals page to see the latest available listings. We only have a limited inventory of each pre-opened product at a time, and that can change by the minute, so check-back often to see what kind of great deals you can score!

The dockXtender – Beware Of Imitators

Warning: not all dock extension cables are created equal. Ever since we started selling the Dock Extender Cable way back when, we’ve been getting email messages from people with similarly styled questions:

“Hello, I’m interested in your Dock Extender Cable/dockXtender, but I want to know if it works for audio. I recently purchased a similar cable (not yours) from a different website for cheap, but it would only charge my iPod.”

Our response to this was yes, of course, and it’s not that surprising of a question to receive actually. A quick eBay search for “iPod dock extension cable” will yield a ton of results for cheap “extension” cables that don’t deliver anything close to full functionality. Many of those listings fail to mention the limitations of their product’s functionality, and unfortunately people get duped into buying cheap cables that don’t work the way they thought they would.

Remember, the CableJive dockXtender is the only way to get a fully functional 30-pin dock extension cable for your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, from a company you can trust will stand behind it’s products and customers. Accept no imitations.

Spotted In The Wild: dockXtender

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. At CableJive, we love solving problems. It’s one of the biggest reasons we do what we do. So anytime a customer uses our products to improve their setups, we love to hear about it! And living in this modern, visual age, we love to SEE it even more. So if a CableJive product is making your life a little easier, and the mood strikes you, send us a pic or two at They just may end up here.

Like today’s pic from Rob, one of our customers from across the pond in the UK. He got a dockXtender because he wanted to be able to control his iPod and hold it in his hands comfortably while it was still fully connected to his speaker dock. A simple enough function that is one of the more popular reasons people love the dockXtender (myself included). He was so happy with it, that he sent this picture along to show us. Thanks Rob!

Otterbox Defender Cases Available Now!

We’ve been a long-time fan of Otterbox cases. Over the years our products (mostly the dockXtender and dockStubz) have helped hundreds, if not thousands of Otterbox customers connect their iPods and iPhones to their docks without having to remove their beloved cases. We know this because we’ve heard from so many of their customers specifically who only trust them to protect their devices. You’ll know when you meet an Otterbox customer because they’ll probably tell you about it. You can’t fake the kind of word-of-mouth respect these guys have built up.

As far as we’ve seen and heard, there is no better way to protect any of your expensive electronic devices. Personally, I’ve only had experience with their iPhone Defender Series cases, but the quality and reliability of those cases are virtually unmatched. If there’s an iPhone case out there that is tougher than the Defender, I haven’t seen or heard of it.

Which is why I’m extremely happy to announce that we here at CableJive have just added the Otterbox Defender Series cases for the iPhone to our line up of products. We have the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G/3GS versions available for purchase right now. If you want the best protection for your iPhone and you aren’t using one of these cases, then you need to get one now! Seriously, let us help you.

CableJive a 2010 Amazon Top Holiday Seller

Got a nice note from Amazon yesterday informing us that we were one of their Top Holiday Sellers for the 2010 season. You can read it above (if you didn’t already), but the short story is that we were in the top 25% of all sellers over the 2010 holiday season, with an A+ customer satisfaction rating over that time period.

We knew we had a great end to 2010, but we had no idea it was that good! Thanks to all of you who helped make it happen! You can find CableJive products on here.

New CableDrop Colors!

Ever since we started selling non-CableJive made accessories in addition to our “premier products,” the CableDrop has been one of our best sellers. These useful little guys stick onto any surface and allow you to keep your important cable connections right where you need them. I use one every day to keep my dockXtender cable right next to the Bose SoundDock on my desk, so it remains accessible at the drop of the proverbial hat.

At first, I was skeptical of how useful they’d really be, but my first clip only took a second to setup, and I haven’t moved it since. I then proceeded to take a few home and stick them around there as well. It’s amazing how much more useful cables can be when you don’t have to go digging around to find them!

Until now, we had only sold one color option for the CableDrops; muted colors. But lucky us (and lucky you!), because they were recently released in both black and white, and we now carry both of those options as well. Get ’em while they’re hot off the presses!

Passing The Torch – dockXtender

We recently passed a milestone here at CableJive, and thought it would be worth reflecting upon. Our very first dock extension cable was built, by hand, in 2007. Mike, now the President of CableJive, soldered it together and blogged about the experience here: The interest that followed was huge, and is undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons CableJive is here today.

It was made to solve a few problems that no one else was solving. Finally, a cable that allowed you to: a.) dock your iPod from a distance so you can operate it in your hands while connected, and b.) dock your iPod without having to remove your case or cover. It was officially dubbed the Dock Extender Cable. Mike began making these cables by hand and selling them to his interested blog readers. The success of those early, hand-made Dock Extender Cables gave CableJive the “killer product” we needed to really get the company off the ground. Soon, we were getting them manufactured and selling them on the then-new CableJive website along with a few other products, like the already popular Dock Input Cable.

The Dock Extender Cable remained our most popular product, and as 2009 drew to a close, we had a TON of data from our customers about how these cables worked and what they liked or disliked about them. From that, we were able to pinpoint a list of improvements we wanted to implement for the next version Dock Extender Cable.

On April 2nd, 2010, we announced our next-generation dock extension cable, the dockXtender. This cable improved upon the previous version in almost every way. It was thinner, lighter, and more flexible. In addition, we were able to connect all 30-pins for full functionality, introduced a revolutionary 2-tiered shielding system to protect the audio and video signals, and made the male connector small enough to work with any case, cover, or skin on the market at the time (until Apple Introduced the iPhone 4 bumper case). On top of all that, we sold it for the exact same price our old Dock Extender Cables were selling for. We then slashed the price of our old Dock Extender Cables, to be sold until stock ran out. At that point, the old ground-breaker would be retired.

Flash forward to today, where that is the exact milestone we are marking. On 2/1/2011, we sold our last Dock Extender Cable, officially passing-the-torch to the dockXtender. We thought it important to mark the end of that era, and celebrate how far our original “premier product” has come. The Dock Extender Cable helped make us into the company we are today. As it has evolved, so have we, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!