dockStubz helping out at the 2011 Tokyo Marathon!

Joseph Tame describes himself as “a big Apple fan that likes to push their products to the limit.” As it turns out, he doesn’t just talk a good game.

This time last year he grabbed a few iPhones, external batteries, and a Wi-Fi router, and headed off to run the 2010 Tokyo Marathon. He then proceeded to broadcast his entire 26-mile trek live with more than 13,000 people tuning in by the end of the race. Finishing what was his first full marathon in 5 hours and 7 minutes, Tame may not have won, but he had successfully broken new ground for live web broadcasting, making national news in the process.

For 2011, using a new custom rig (pictured), Joseph is going even bigger. In addition to various other upgrades to this year’s broadcast, Wahoo Fitness provided him with a heart monitor which will post live updates to the website as he goes. This particular feature is where the dockStubz comes in to lend a helping hand.

The sensor used by Wahoo’s heart monitor connects to the iPhone’s 30-pin connector. With that plugged in, he would not be able to use any external batteries to power the phone. For this kind of broadcast, in a marathon that takes over 5 hours to run, he needs to be able to connect additional power to his iPhone. Using the dockStubz, Joseph will be able to have the heart monitor sensor connected to it’s 30-pin connector, while injecting the additional power he needs via it’s mini-USB port on the side, allowing him to add an extra level of depth to his broadcast, while ensuring he’ll have to power to do so.

As a company, we pride ourselves in making products that solve unique issues, and we’re thrilled that we were able to help Joseph’s rig meet its potential. We wish him all the best for his broadcast as he takes it to the next level!

To follow Joseph’s journey, go to And don’t forget to tune in this Saturday night, Feb 26th @ 6 PM EST, to watch the live broadcast!

This Weekend’s Not Just For Cars Anymore!

As a consumer, when you hear the words “Presidents’ Day,” I’m sure your iPod or iPhone isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. You’re probably more likely to think of (Insert name of wealthy retired athlete / local quasi-celebrity here)’s car dealership and their mind blowing sale-of-the-year “event.” There are a few reasons for this, but clearly none more important than the fact that you haven’t picked one of these bad boys up yet:

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CableJive on Amazon and eBay!

A few years ago, we started to test certain product listings on Amazon and eBay. This was mostly an effort to give people more options for finding and purchasing our products. While the popularity of both websites goes without saying, success is not given, and we weren’t really sure what to expect. We figured if nothing else, they would help us connect with new customers, and offer a more versatile set of options to everyone.

Fast forward to today, and we couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made on both sites. Amazon now stocks and ships a number of CableJive products themselves, allowing their Amazon Prime customers to use their discounts on our stuff. It’s given a whole new level of visibility to our Amazon listings, and provides a great service to those customers.

And as for eBay, we recently reached Top-Rated and Power Seller status! We are doing more and more business through eBay every day, giving those customers the option to purchase any of our premier products, while receiving the same stellar CableJive service they would get from ordering directly from our website.

If you’ve already purchased CableJive products from either website (or from our own, for that matter), then a huge thanks goes out to you for helping to make this progress happen!!

Simply search “CableJive” on either Amazon or eBay to see all of our current listings there.