Updated xlSync and iPad Charging

You may recall back in April, when we announced the updates to our xlSync cable. These included some minor external and internal upgrades, but the most important change we made improved the compatibility of these new cables with the iPad and iPad 2 devices.

We initially designed the xlSync cable before the launch of the first iPad. It worked great with all iPods and iPhones already, and in our tests it seemed to work well with the iPad also. However, over the months we continued getting reports from some customers that the xlSync cable wasn’t charging their iPads as well as they’d hoped. Long story short, our team was able to isolate that issue, and resolve it with these newly designed cables.

To confirm these new xlSync cables perform exactly as they should, we put one head-to-head against the standard sync cable that came with the iPad. In this test, we connected an iPad and iPad 2 to their OEM power bricks (which were both connected to the same power strip. This can be seen in the photo above). The iPad 2 was charging via it’s OEM sync cable, and the iPad 1 was charging via the brand new updated xlSync cable. After 45 minutes of charging here were the results:

iPad 2 charging w/ standard sync cable:   +14%
iPad 1 charging w/ updated xlSync cable: +14%

There you have it. More than double the length of the standard cable, and you lose none of the charging power. Both the white and black xlSync cables have received this update, and are now available to purchase for your iPad (or any other i-device) charging pleasure.

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