CableJive’s Independence Day Blow-out!

I’m a regular old freedom-loving American. Like every single American I regularly treck across Purple Mountains Majesty, fill with the warmth of liberty at the sight of a soaring Bald Eagle, instinctively chop down any Cherry Trees in sight, and have a native inability to “drive 55.”  Also, like all Americans, I love a good deal. And it’s even better when I get the chance to give out those deals. So in honor of this Independence Day weekend, I would like to pass these savings on to you:

From now until July 5th on the CableJive web-store, get a ridiculous 40% off all our iStubz cables by using the coupon code: iStubz40

Need something other than an iStubz cable? Take 20% off anything else in the store with the code: GW1776

Coupon codes are entered during checkout. You may use both codes when placing your order, if applicable. So go on and start celebrating Independence Day by participating in the new great American pastime; online shopping!

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