Presenting CableJive’s New LineOut Pro Cable!

We’ve been selling audio cables for years now, but today we’ve officially gone “Pro” as we announce our new LineOut Pro cable! When you want the cleanest, purest sound from your iPod, iPad, or iPhone, you’ll want to access the professional-grade line level audio signals from your device’s 30-pin dock connector. The LineOut Pro is a premium quality line out dock cable that delivers those crystal-clear audio signals wherever you need them.

This durable, flexible, 3 foot long cable can adapt to any audio situation. Connect it to your home theater, plug it into your car stereo, go direct into a mixer, or take it into the studio and really get creative. It features a high quality gold-plated 3.5mm connector and our custom-built male 30-pin housing so you’ll be able to plug this cable in no matter what case, cover, or skin you protect your device with.

The LineOut Pro cable is available now!

For more information, or to purchase, head over to the product page: 

You can also read the official press release here:

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