dockBoss air How-To-Pair Videos

Our dockBoss air has proven to be quite popular since it was launched two weeks back, and we’re truly thankful for the positive response. In an effort to help our customers get connected to their dockBoss airs more quickly and easily, we’ve put together a couple short videos showing you how to pair it with both Apple and Android devices via Bluetooth. You can find both videos on our dockBoss air product page, or view them below. Happy pairing!

Apple Devices:

Android Devices:

8 Responses to dockBoss air How-To-Pair Videos

  1. Luis Rolando Brenes says:

    If this is connected to a car that sends signals to next/last song through the wheel (specifically a nissan versa) is it going to work on changing the songs? same question for any other dock that changes the song. will it work with it?

    • cablejivezack says:

      Thank you for your interest in our products. Currently, the dockBoss air does not provide remote control functionality, however it is something we are looking into to hopefully add to future versions.

  2. ikelleigh says:

    I just got the Air for my Bose speakers that has the original iPod dock connector and so far it works great with my streaming apps. Question though. Is there a way to pair it with multiple devices (MacBook, iPad and iPhone)? It seems to not let me connect once it’s been paired with something. Thanks!

    • cablejivezack says:

      First off, thank you for your business with us. To answer your question, you can only pair the dockBoss air with one device at a time. If you want to connect it to another device simply unpair it from the device it is currently paired with, or simply turn the Bluetooth functionality on the currently-paired device off so you can pair with the new one.

  3. kenneth says:

    I wonder if this product can support change song from the music playing device.
    My car has an integrated iphone/ipod player that it allows me to change song through the console. Currently, I am using a Samsung note 3. Just wonder, if I buy this device and I plug it into my car, is it able to tell my phone to change song?

    • cablejivezack says:

      Thank you for your interest in our products. The dockBoss air does support remote control functionality, so if the dockBoss air is fully compatible with your system you should be able to use the controls on your console.

  4. drew says:

    Wondering if I can pair this with a Bluetooth adapter/transmitter (eg TaoTronics TT-BA01) as neither unit has a screen. Perhaps I could use a computer as an intermediary device?

    • cablejivezack says:

      We have not had any customers try this yet, so we can’t be sure if this will work, but it certainly looks possible and may be worth a try. You can return anything you order from us within 60-days from your original date of purchase, so you’re welcome to order anything from us to try, and return it if it does not work as you’d hoped.

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