CableJive’s Summer Sale 2016 Is Here!


Summer is here, and with it comes the CableJive Summer Sale! Get 20% off everything we sell at, plus FREE Standard Shipping for our US-based customers.

Save big right now on everything we offer. It’s the time of year to get outdoors, so check out our hit dockStubz or dockXtender and keep your protective case on while you connect to all your accessories. Pick up a HeroDock and give your favorite device a home. Get an extra long or extra short sync & charge cable for your travels with big discounts on our iBoltz XL & XS cables. Grab an XLR microphone and record high quality audio on-the-go with the ProJive XLR. Or check out any of the other great accessories we offer. We’ve also added new items to our “Sale” section, so be sure to check those out here.

Save 20% on everything we sell by using the coupon code: SUMMER16
(Sale ends 6/27/2016)

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We are nothing without our customers, so thank you all for the continued support! We can’t wait to share another awesome summer with you!

CableJive’s 2016 Spring Sale Going On Now!

Spring is right around the corner, and we’re so excited, we decided to get the party started a little early.
So celebrate with us by taking 15% off everything we sell at, plus FREE Standard Shipping for our US-based customers.

Save now on all our hit products. Give your smartphone or tablet a place to call home with HeroDock. Enjoy the warming weather outdoors with your favorite device and keep your protective case on while you connect to all your favorite accessories with dockStubz or dockXtender. Grab an XLR mic and record wherever your travels take you with the ProJive XLR. Or check out any of the other great accessories we offer.

And if you’re looking for a super handy extra long or extra short sync and charge cable then there’s never been a better time. We’re running a huge sale on our iBoltz XL & XS cables, so get ’em while the gettin’s good. We’ve got tons of other great products that we’ve added to our “Sale” section, and you can see them all here.

Save 15% on everything we sell by using the coupon code: SPRING16
(Sale ends 3/21/2016)

Or, if you prefer to use your Amazon Prime benefits:
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Be Our Valentine and Save 20% Right Now!


We’ve been feeling the love here lately at CableJive, and this Valentine’s Day, we want to give it right back. That’s why now through Presidents Day we’re giving you 20% off everything we sell at, plus FREE Standard Shipping for our US-based customers.

Keep the devices you love safe and grab a dockStubz or dockXtender so you can leave your case on while you connect to your favorite accessories. Grab our new hit HeroDock and give your smartphone or tablet the home it deserves. And while you’re at it, treat yourself (or a loved one) to our extra long or extra short iBoltz, microStubz, or xlSync cables, or any of the other great accessories we offer.

Save 20% on everything we sell by using the coupon code: CJVAL16
(Sale ends 2/16/2016)

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CableJive’s Black Friday Sale Starts Now!


‘Tis the best season for shopping, and we’re so excited, we’re starting the party early! Right now you can take advantage of our Black Friday Sale event by saving 20% on everything at Plus, US-based customers can get Free Standard Shipping on all orders!

We’re letting you choose the best time to shop now through Cyber Monday. No flyers to dig through, no tricks or rebates. Just good old fashioned savings on great CableJive gifts for everyone on your list. From unique classics like the dockXtender and dockStubz, handy charge & sync cables like iBoltz XS & XL, our new hit HeroDock, or anything else we offer.

Save 20% on everything we sell by using the coupon code: 2015BF
(Sale ends 12/1/2015)

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And while you’re doing all this shopping, don’t forget our Holiday Shipping Guide is ready to help you choose the right shipping method so your orders arrive by Christmas:

CableJive’s 2015 Holiday Shipping Guide


*Update: 12/11/2015: Based on recent reports from all shipping carriers regarding the unexpectedly-high volume they are seeing this holiday season, it has been recommended to us that we move all of our previously posted recommended shipping dates up 3 days earlier to help ensure that customers will receive their orders before Christmas. As a result, we have updated our Holiday Shipping Guide to reflect our carriers’ new recommendations.

As the holiday season fast approaches, choosing the right shipping method for your order becomes more and more important by the day. We want you to be prepared, so we’ve got our Holiday Shipping Guide posted and ready to help you pick the right shipping so your orders arrive in time for Christmas. Check it out by following this link:

CableJive Holiday Shipping Guide

And while you’re there, checkout out the rest of our totally redesigned web-store at, which not only has a snazzy new look, but is now optimized for viewing and shopping on any internet device; PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, you name it!

No matter how you like to shop on the web, it’s never been easier to order your favorite CableJive products and make sure they arrive in time for the holidays.


Come See’s Brand New Look!


We are really, really excited to announce a major overhaul to the CableJive web site. Our #1 priority? Make shopping for great CableJive products simple and easy on any device big or small.

Come check it out:

If you have a CableJive account with us, you will need to reset your password before logging in. Please use this link to reset your CableJive account password:

Also, save 20% on all items in your cart right now with this code: NEWSITE20 (expires 10/31/15)

Thank you for giving us a reason to keep making great products!

-The CableJive Team

HeroDock – Universal Docking Stand for Smartphones & Tablets – Available Now!


HeroDock was a big hit when we debuted it at CES 2015 and we received tons of pre-orders through the summer. Which is why we’re so excited to announce that all pre-orders have shipped out, and HeroDock is available for purchase right now!

HeroDock is a totally adjustable universal docking stand for smartphones and tablets that lets you easily dock your device whether you have a protective case on it or not. It works with your device’s own charging cord, and gives your smartphone or tablet a solid home to charge from whenever you’re not on-the-go. Designed to keep your device upright at the perfect angle to view & use when docked, ready for your alarm clock app on the bedroom nightstand, video or conference calls from your desk, or streaming audio from your kitchen counter. Do it all with HeroDock.

Crafted from solid aluminum, HeroDock is built to last. Sturdy enough to hold devices big and small, from your iPod to iPad. With no-tool assembly you’ll be set up in minutes right out of the box, and able to easily adjust at any time. Compatible with Lightning, Micro USB, and USB-C cables, it’s the ideal home for whatever device you use daily, whether that be an iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note, OnePlus 2, or other smartphone or tablet.

HeroDock is available for purchase direct from our web-store at (where we’re offering FREE shipping on US orders right now) and on See the HeroDock in action, including a step by step assembly guide, by checking out this video.