Use your iPad with any iPhone or iPod Dock

(Originally Posted 04/03/2010)

It’s confirmed, CableJive’s Dock Extender Cable and next generation dockXtender both work with the iPad.

We ran it through all of our tests, which include newer docking speaker systems, older docking speaker systems (before requiring charge conversion), and car systems.

After verifying compatibility we worked for awhile enjoying music from the iPad on a Bose SoundDock (Series II) while using the iPad to check email, surf the web, etc.

So, if you’re wanting to use your iPad with a speaker, home stereo, car system, or other docking station that was built for the iPhone or iPod, but the iPad just doesn’t fit, these cables will make the connection.

Cables for the iPad

(Originally Posted 04/03/2010)

We’ve received our iPad and are testing the CableJive product line with it. Complete results coming soon, but for starters the iStubz definitely work for syncing a charging (as we expected).

So if you’re looking for a super short iPad sync and charge cable, we’ve got them.

The dockXtender is the Answer for Otterbox Docking Trouble

(Originally Posted 04/02/2010)

Announced just yesterday, the dockXtender is a cable with many improvements on existing dock extension solutions.

CableJive drove this forward for many reasons, but none quite as vocalized as people’s frustration with finally getting an awesome, durable Otterbox case only to find they were helpless to dock.

The dockXtender is a stylish, flexible, full pass-through cable with carefully engineered wiring to best connect your iPad, iPhone, or iPod with it’s accessory without having to remove it’s case, cover, sleeve, or skin.

And when we say case, cover, sleeve, or skin, we mean anything on this planet. We’ve carefully reviewed the gamut of coverings and made sure the housings are minimal.

Pre-order is opening up at the end of the month, sign up to get notified.

New Site and Shopping Cart

(Originally Posted 11/23/2009)

It’s been one week now since CableJive put a new face forward. We had been running a somewhat static site with a JavaScript-based shopping cart from a third party. It has worked OK, but we needed something better.

We’d been hunting for a better full-featured cart system for some time, had even downloaded a few and done some development work in an attempt to get something working. After months of looking, talking, thinking, coding, and trying different options we found a home run. Well, pretty darn close.

We settled on Interspire Shopping Cart. We didn’t choose it because it’s built by marketers (that wasn’t high on our list), or because it was the cheapest. We chose it because it came out of the box with more things the way we envisioned a cart should be than any other cart, by a long shot.

At the top of our list was the customer experience. It’s amazing how many carts miss even the most basic things. For example, our cart needed to have a simple, single-page checkout that didn’t require creating an account. Customers simply don’t need the headache of having to create yet another account to buy a cable for their iPod. We also wanted built-in real-time shipping cost calculations, and wide range of payment options.

We also had a bunch of business process and workflow requirements from our in-house fulfillment operation. Again, Interspire Shopping Cart was closer to on this than any other cart system we tried. The management interface gives you a whole slew of controls, including a pretty awesome order fulfillment interface.

Like I said, we’d been on and off looking for a new cart for about 10 months, but nothing was really jumping out as a sensible solution.

On October 19th we came across Interspire. After having reviewed so many cart systems we’d become pretty good at working through a demo and noting how it would/wouldn’t work for us. It was clear after watching a few of the videos that we’d stumbled into something good. For a few days we played with the demo account, working through a bunch of business process scenarios and noting things things that would need tweaked.

We heavily scrutinized the cart’s reseller/wholesale functionality, which is fairly simple. It didn’t seem like out of the box we could use it to drive the kind of business we were doing with resellers, but after much back and forth and analysis of how we could use Interspire we decided with some modifications we could get it working good enough.

So we took the leap and purchased a license.

We made a few good pushes over a 3 week period to get the site designed, configured, data migration scripts written, the shopping cart templates set up right for us, the order fulfillment pages customized to enable our high-volume shipping, SSL certificates, etc, etc, etc.

And then in the wee hours of Monday, November 16th, four weeks from the day we first saw Interspire, we ran one last data migration script and went live.

One week into it I can say the transition went pretty smooth.

I hope those of you who are here as customers like things like tracking your order and being able to choose from a variety of carriers to deliver your package.

We had many “wow” moments during the trial, during our short conversion, and still are having them as we really get to understand the system.

iPod & iPhone Line Out Dock Cable

(Originally Posted 11/09/2009)

Over the past year we’ve gotten many requests for a cable that folks can use to get line out from the bottom of their iPod or iPhone. Some of them also want the ability to charge at the same time.

Why get audio from the dock connector? Some folks are desperate because their headphone jack broke, but most want it to patch into a stereo system. The audio coming from the bottom of the iPod or iPhone is better quality, line out quality. If you’re amping up your music through speakers or a headphone amp you’ll hear a noticeable difference.

So we’re happy to announce the CableJive +USB Line Out Cable for iPod and iPhone.

6.5 Foot, Extra Long iPod & iPhone Sync Cable

(Originally Posted 09/11/2009)

We’ve gotten many requests from folks needing just a bit more distance from their iPod or iPhone sync cable. Nothing fancy required, just a longer version of the standard Apple-provided cable.

Enter xlSync, a 6.5-foot (3 meter) sync cable.

When you need to reach just a bit further than the sync and charge cable you have, this is the cable for you.

World’s Most Durable iPod & iPhone Sync Cable

(Originally Posted 09/08/2009)

CableJive is proud to announce the duraSync premium sync cable for iPod and iPhone, the world’s most durable iPod and iPhone sync and charge cable.

As with many products, the idea for duraSync started with end users. We heard many, many customers express frustration with their Apple-provided sync cable and how it got ruined in one way or another (paper punched, chewed by cat, etc).

We had many discussions internally about how to solve the problem of a flimsy and breaking sync cable, and then worked closely with our manufacturer to come up with just the right solution.

We’re very proud of the end result, an incredibly sturdy, yet stylish sync cable that can withstand some serious wear and tear. The wires are wrapped in a strong braided shield which is then given a thick rubber coating. We’ve yanked, pulled, folded, twisted, swung, and pounded this cable.

The connectors on each end are first coated with an impact-resistant plastic, and then fit with a molded rubber outer shell. Trust us that it can withstand a great deal of abuse. At one point in the proofing process we wanted to open up the cable to verify the wiring. We were able to get the outer rubber shell off using a construction-quality drywall razor. We tried the same thing on the underlying impact-resistant plastic, but any number of angles, and applying full body pressure to the knife couldn’t make a cut. We ultimately decided that the multi-tester was the better way to verify that the wires were arranged correctly.

This cable is one you will never need to replace. To show our belief and commitment, CableJive is backing it with a Lifetime Warranty. If this cable fails for you at any point in the future, we will replace it at no cost to you.