dockXtender for Lightning Devices Has Arrived!


The wait is over: dockXtender for Lightning Devices has arrived!

We released our very first iPod Dock Extender Cable way back in early 2007, in hopes of freeing our iPods from being stuck in our speaker docks. A few months later the first iPhone was released, and the world of smartphones (and their accessories) was changed forever. Since then, our old Dock Extender Cable evolved into the dockXtender & has been improved over the years in almost every single way.

The introduction of the iPhone 5 and Lightning connector presented new challenges, but after more than a year of development and careful consideration, we’re proud to present the next generation: dockXtender for Lightning Devices.

This full-functionality 2 ft long male to female cable extends the Lightning connector for all your favorite accessories, allowing you extra length when you need it, letting you hold your device in your hand when connected to speaker docks or other accessories, and with our new specially-designed male connector, you can keep your case on while you connect too!

We’ve had a number of customers asking about this cable, and we thank each and every one of your for your patience & support! The dockXtender for Lightning devices is available now from the CableJive web-store, and should be available on later this week.

5 Responses to dockXtender for Lightning Devices Has Arrived!

  1. neil litchfield says:

    Does this iPhone 5 cord allow the phone to be charged via all docking stations, because the two adapters I have do not charge the phone but they did charge the iPhone 4

    • cablejivezack says:

      If you can charge your iPhone 5 on the docking station when it is plugged in directly, then you will continue to be able to do this with the dockXtender for Lightning devices used between the two. It is simply an extension cable, and does not alter your docking station’s ability to charge, or any other functionality you’d get if you connected the two normally, without our cable.

  2. Jon says:

    hi, thanks for releasing the dock lightning dock extender. i have two questions for you:

    1)i know nothing about the engineering required to make this cable compatible with apple devices, but it seems like apple does everything they can to disable cables that they have not “certified” / “authorized” / whatever (as evidenced by recent negative reviews on other lightning extension cables on amazon). what assurances do i have that this cable works and will continue to work with future ios upgrades?

    2)i need more than 2 ft, can i link two cables together to get 4 feet?

    • cablejivezack says:

      Thanks for your interest in our products Jon. Please allow me to answer your questions below:

      1.) You are correct about the potential for “unauthorized” charge cables or other accessories to be possibly affected by future iOS updates, but these do not affect our dockXtender cable. Our dockXtender passes through the full connection from your accessory to your iPhone (or other iDevice), and doesn’t alter or introduce anything into that link. As long as the accessory and iPhone work together when connected directly, they should continue to do so when the dockXtender is introduced. As evidence of this, the dockXtender is fully compatible with iOS 7, the latest release which seemed to trigger all of these concerns in the first place.

      2.) Yes, chaining dockXtender cables together does work, but not without limitation. USB power can only travel over 14 ft or so of cable, and chaining cables reduces that distance further, so charging (and sometimes other functionality) can be affected depending on the specific accessory your using & the number of “chains” in your setup.

      Regardless, you can return anything you order from us within 60-days from your original date of purchase, so you’re welcome to order products to try, and return them if they don’t work as you’d hoped. We also stand behind all our products with a 1-year warranty.

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