MediaFlow MHL to HDMI Cable Available Now!


Smartphones and tablets have become the go-to media devices for many people these days. Movies, music, games, web browsing, and more all constantly at your fingertips. Which means it’s quite likely that there are many times, possibly every day, where you want to display that media on a larger screen; either to make your experience more enjoyable or to share your media with others. If only there was a way to simply plug your device into your HDTV. The good news is, if you have an MHL compatible smartphone or tablet (which many new Android devices are), there is, and we just added it to the CableJive lineup!

The MediaFlow MHL to HDMI Cable allows you to connect compatible smartphones & tablets to your HDTV via an available HDMI port for full screen mirroring. Your device’s screen will be broadcast directly to your TV screen, allowing you to view anything on your device in full, beautiful HD up to 1080p.

At 6.5 ft. in length, it allows you to sit a comfortable distance away from your TV, but if you need more reach you can see our lineup of new HDMI Extension Cables which we’ve also just added. They’re great for more than just extra reach, and are super useful to anyone who’s sick of struggling with tough-to-reach connections or who’d like to reduce the normal wear and tear on their TV’s HDMI ports.

Both the MediaFlow MHL to HDMI Cable and the HDMI Extension Cables are available right now on our webstore at

4 Responses to MediaFlow MHL to HDMI Cable Available Now!

  1. Toronto says:

    Will these cables be available for the iPhone 5

    • Toronto says:

      And if so, when is it expected?

      • cablejivezack says:

        Thanks for your interest in our products. Unfortunately, due to Apple’s strict restrictions over their new Lightning connector, we have no current plans to introduce an iPhone 5 to HDMI cable at this time. Hopefully we will be able to offer one in the future.

      • Toronto says:

        thank you for your responce,I guess it will have to be the bulky AV adapter from apple…

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