CES 2013 Highlights

Another CES has came and went, and 2013’s was another incredible year for the CableJive team! Thanks to everyone who came by to share it with us. Here’s just a few highlights from the jam-packed 4 day event.

1.) Here’s a shot of our booth from Day 1, right at the start of CES 2013. Complete with interactive ProJive XLR & Instrument displays, fully functioning dockBoss air and samDock displays, the return of our super popular xlSync Charging Station, and our fully stocked product wall.


2.) Our ProJive Instrument cable display was set up for visitors to demo, complete with an iPad, Electric Guitar, GarageBand, and a connected speaker dock for anyone who really wanted to rock out. Thankfully, a couple members from the world famous heavy metal band “Lamb of God” stopped by on Day 2 and gave our setup the shredding it deserved!


3.) On Day 3 we decided to really shake things up and did a huge Kaleidaz giveaway. Anyone who stopped by was welcome to take a Kaleidaz cable totally free. We gave away all 1,000 cables before lunch time.


4.) It wasn’t just great to meet so many customers at this year’s show, but many of the media people as well. Here you can see Mike, our fearless leader, getting interviewed on camera right in our booth.


5.) If you ever wanted to know how many business cards you get at these events, take a look at all of these we got, then realize that the show was only half over at this point.


6.) Here’s one last shot of Pete standing victoriously next to our broken-down booth at the end of the show. Much less stuff to ship back thanks to everything we gave away. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by our booth this year. See you at CES 2014!!


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