Line Level Audio w/ iPhone 5, iPad Mini & Other Lightning Devices

iPhone 5. 4th Gen iPad. iPad Mini. New iPod Touch and Nano. It’s only been 2 months and the Lightning connector is already here in full force. In the short amount of time since its release, we’ve heard a lot of people asking if there’s a way to get line level audio from that new connector. We were curious of this ourselves up until last week when our Lightning to 30-pin adapters arrived. Thankfully, all CableJive products worked just fine with both adapters, and we reported it here on the blog.

Then we remembered how many people were searching for this specific solution, so hopefully this post helps. Both our LineOut Pro and +USB Line Out Dock cables, when paired with either Lightning to 30-pin adapter, will allow you to get high quality line level audio right from your new iPhone 5 or other Lightning equipped iDevice. If you’ve been looking for this solution, then look no further.

4 Responses to Line Level Audio w/ iPhone 5, iPad Mini & Other Lightning Devices

  1. John Kennedy says:

    Replace the 30-pin end of your ‘+USB Line Out Dock Cable’ with Lightning and that would be perfect for my vehicular needs.

    Considering purchasing your cable as is and adding Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin Adapter 0.2m cable (non-cable adapter’s not usable with my LifeProof iPhone 5 case). Of course I’d like to avoid a clunky, two cable setup…

    • cablejivezack says:

      Thanks for your suggestion, and your interest in our products! We are currently working on new products, some of which are for Lightning-equipped devices. We can’t announce anything specific yet, but as soon as we are able to announce any new Lightning accessories – such as the one you’re looking for – we will. Stay tuned!

      • Ben says:

        I, too, would be very interested in the direct lightning to USB + Audio

      • cablejivezack says:

        Thanks for your interest! We’re exploring a variety of options for new Lightning-connector accessories, so stay tuned to this blog to catch any new product announcements.

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