dockStubz Basic: Keep Your Case On For Less

You may have noticed a slight change to the product page of our most popular item, the dockStubz. There are now two options for you to choose from: the “Basic” model (left side in the pic above), and the “dockStubz+” model (pictured above on the right side). Allow me to break it down for you:

The dockStubz Basic is a totally new model we’ve just introduced, and we’ve priced it at $6 less than our original adapter was selling for. It’s the perfect 30-pin pass-through adapter that lets you connect your iDevice to any docking station, system, or accessory without having to remove your protective case.

The dockStubz+ model is simply the very same adapter we’ve been selling. In addition to the same 30-pin pass-through abilities found in our “Basic model,” it provides Charge Conversion, so you can get your newer 30-pin iDevices charging on old Firewire-powered systems. The “+ model” also features a micro-USB port on the side for power injection.

Undoubtedly, allowing users to connect to their favorite docks & accessories without having to constantly remove their protective cases is what’s made the dockStubz our most popular product. If this is a solution you or someone you know has been searching for, it just got even more affordable.

The new dockStubz Basic retails at $16.95, and you can find it on our webstore, and at

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