Come See All Our New Cases!

Throughout our history, one of our main areas of expertise relates to connectivity issues between users’ encased iDevices and their accessories (see: dockXtender, dockStubz, etc). But today we’re broadening that focus even more as we announce our expanded lineup of cases, where you can find a variety of protection and color options, all at great prices!

Personally, I have never owned a smartphone that I didn’t quickly put a case or cover on, and anyone who’s tried to sift through the ocean of iPhone cases on the market today knows that the experience can be stressful. Everyone and their Mama wants to sell you their version of an iPhone case, and after your first phone drop, you’ll be hoping you picked a good one!

We want to make it easier for you, by hand-picking cases we trust to have the best quality-for-the-money, giving you great options without making the choice overwhelming. So far, we’ve added the following cases to the mix:

Marware Membrane (for iPhone 4/4S)

Speck Pixelskin HD (for iPhone 4/4S)

Otterbox Impact (for iPhone 3G/3GS)

Now, no matter your budget, style, or desired level of protection, come to CableJive to find a quality selection of cases you can trust, along with the adapters and cables you need to get connected.

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