CableJive, You, Pintrest, <3

Pintrest has taken the web by storm. It turns out that sharing the things you love and finding out who else has the same interests is all we’ve ever wanted to do with the internet! What’s really awesome for companies like us, is that if people like your stuff they can “pin it” and add it to their board in an instant, to remember for later or share with their followers.

Recently I stumbled upon a “CableJive / Pintrest” Google search result. Having not ever been on Pintrest at the time, I was both intrigued and a little confused. Upon investigation, in a pleasant surprise, I found a ton of CableJive stuff had been pinned already! From our old duaLink, to the iStubz, and even our new ChromaSync & ProJive cables, it’s very cool to see people who are truly interested in what we do. So to those of you who took the time to pin a CableJive product, we thank you! You saw something in us that moved you to save it or share it, and for that we are honored. Same to all who pin our stuff moving forward. We love you all! Happy pinning!

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