ProJive Instrument and XLR w/ Android Devices

If you can’t tell, we’re super excited about our new ProJive XLR and ProJive Instrument cables. We also recently got our 1st Android tablet into the office, a Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. All things considered, it’s a perfect time to give our Android brethren some love. Here’s what to expect when you get ProJive’n on your favorite desert-themed OS device.

Apps Tested: Voice Recorder (free), RecForge Lite (free)

ProJive XLR

Just as with the iPhone, which you can see in our ProJive XLR video, this cable has no problem working on Android devices. Simply open your favorite audio capturing app, plug in, and record. The quality of the audio seems to be dependent on the app your using, as we found “RecForge” captured much higher-quality audio than “Voice Recorder.”

ProJive Instrument

By connecting the ProJive Instrument cable to an electric guitar, and opening either of the apps mentioned above, you are able to capture the guitar’s audio. Great for practicing, brainstorming ideas, or working on song parts. As with the XLR cable, audio quality is dependent on the app you’re using.

However, in my quest to find a more suitable, Garage Band-esq app for the Android, I ran into quite a barrier: there isn’t one yet. It seems Android’s OS has some issues when it comes to low-latency audio capturing. I found a great post on Gear Diary exploring the issues facing music production on Android devices, which all aspiring Android musicians should read:

It does appear that these issues are being worked on, so hopefully we’ll start seeing some quality music production apps arrive on Android soon. When they do, the ProJive Instrument cable will be ready help you conquer those too!


2 Responses to ProJive Instrument and XLR w/ Android Devices

  1. ajay says:

    You may be interested in an app that has recently been released for Android called Audio Evolution.

    • cablejivezack says:

      Thanks for the tip! It’s good to see at least 1 decent multi-track recording App for Android devices. I wish there was some kind of guitar-amp modeling built-in, but considering the fairly poor quality of many other Android recording apps out there, it’s pretty impressive. Hope they keep building on it!

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