ProJive Instrument & XLR Cables Available Now!

Musicians: we have not forgotten you! Our new ProJive Instrument & ProJive XLR cables have arrived!

ProJive cables are the easiest, most straight-forward approach to connecting your mic, guitar, bass, & more to your iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android, Macbook or any other compatible device. Simply open up Garage Band, or any of the myriad of apps designed for audio recording, and get to work! Complete with a standard 1/8-inch (3.5mm) stereo-mini port, you can connect headphones to keep your work to yourself, or output direct to your home stereo, powered speakers, or amp to really bring the house down. You will need to have an audio recording program pre-installed on your device to use, but from there it’s plug & play. Perfect for practice, writing, demoing, recording, or any other use you could come up with.

This is CableJive’s 1st foray into the world of musician’s products, and as a musician myself, I’m really excited about it! We hope to flush out our musician’s section over the coming weeks and months, adding more complimentary products to the mix as we find them. We’re passionate about this stuff, and we know you are too, so we want your feedback! To share your thoughts about our ProJive cables, or to suggest any other musician’s products you’d like to see in our lineup, shoot us an email at

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