New CableJive Goodies Just In Time For Christmas!

A couple new additions snuck into the CableJive lineup just in time to find a cozy spot in your stockings! Here’s a quick breakdown of each:


Sumo is another great addition to our cable management solutions by BlueLounge. A slick-looking weighted block with high-tech Japanese micro-suction pads (non-adhesive) & creative design, it’s like the paper weight of-the-future (in this future, cables have replaced paper as the object on your desk most likely to fall off annoyingly). Special grooves underneath allow you to tuck your cables in, and hold the connection-ends waiting at the ready to serve you, without damaging them. Perfect for keeping your hi-tech work area clean-looking and useable, and if there’s one thing today’s computer work-spaces need, it’s good feng-shui! Sumo comes in both White and Black, and is available now for $11.95.


After all we’ve done for extending the iPhone’s 30-pin connector out of hard-to-reach areas (see: dockXtender & dockStubz), it was really a no-brainer when we realized we were ignoring “that other port” on the iPhone (which is also conveniently used on every other audio playing device of the last few decades or so). With the huge spike in popularity of heavy-duty cases like Otterbox and Lifeproof, it’s getting harder and harder to find a case that will protect your device but not prevent you from plugging your favorite headphones in! Why slim 1/8″ housings aren’t standard, we don’t know. But at least we can help!

Enter our new headphoneXtenders! These simple little guys are slim enough to fit into any headphone port opening, allowing you to plug your favorite headphones into all of your devices! They’re 8cm long, and available in both 3-pin and 4-pin (iPhone mic compatible) models right now from $7.95.

One Response to New CableJive Goodies Just In Time For Christmas!

  1. joon kim says:


    I am trying to buy headphoneXtender with 4 pin. The question i have is the female part. Can other 4pin male end can connect to this? i am trying to connect Beatsbydre with control talk or Bose QC15 which has mic and volume control.

    Please tell me if this would work and maintain the function of my headphone when i use this

    Thank you

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