The New dockXtender Basic vs. The (Premium) dockXtender

This week we introduced a new member to the dockXtender cable family: the dockXtender basic. Whether or not you’ll want to buy our premium dockXtender cable or the new dockXtender basic will likely be determined by the differences between the two cables. To make this decision easier for you, I’ve outlined the main differences below:

Price & Lengths
Premium: $25.95 (2 foot), $31.95 (6 foot)
Basic: $15.95 (19 inches)

Premium: Passes through all 30-pin functionality
Basic: Passes through only audio, USB sync + charging, and device control
(*Basic also not compatible with older FireWire powered speaker docks and systems)

Male Connector Teeth (A topic of interest for some customers, but may not matter as much to others)
Premium: “Passive” locking teeth
Basic: “Button-Activated” locking teeth

Available Colors
Premium: Black only
Basic: Black and White

I hope this helps make the decision a bit easier for our customers. As always, should you have any questions, feel free to email us at

2 Responses to The New dockXtender Basic vs. The (Premium) dockXtender

  1. What pins are connected in the Xtender basic? I have 3 uses for such a cable: Audio, serial port, and USB. What I could best use would be a 30 pin plug to my ipad, and cable with the other end just 30 loose wires. These could go to a terminal block.

    • cablejivezack says:

      Thanks for your interest in our products! I can confirm for you that the dockXtender Basic model does connect the audio, serial port, and USB pins.

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