CableJive’s Facebook Kick-Off Event

For the past few months, we’ve been plotting our official foray into the Facebook world. A little over a month ago, our page went “live” with some basic company info, useful links, and an active wall for people to share their thoughts with us. It was pretty bare bones, but contained enough information to be functional until we could get it all polished and up to speed. Today, we feel confident in the strides it’s taken, and have officially “launched” our Facebook page. That means we’ll be hopping on there regularly to respond to our fans and customers, update info, post some pics, and run some fun promotions as well. And we’d love it if all of you came over and joined us!

I’m no fool. I know there are at least a hundred reasons you’re on Facebook that don’t involve companies pitching stuff to you (you know, like untagging yourself from that picture you didn’t know was taken last night, reading about how miserable your friend’s trip to the DMV was, writing statuses about how awesome Mad Men is, etc.). But for those loyal few who stop by and “like” us in the next week or two, we’d like to show our appreciation for you spending any of your valuable time with us.

The short of it: Like us on Facebook ASAP and get a special discount code good for 25% off your next CableJive order. And while our friendship can last an eternity, this offer will not, so act fast!

2 Responses to CableJive’s Facebook Kick-Off Event

  1. I guess this expired? I liked you guys and got no coupon…

    • cablejivezack says:

      First off, thanks for liking us! You are correct, this promotion expired at the end of September. But don’t worry, we will be periodically offering discounts to all our friends who “Like” us on that page, so stay tuned for future offers!

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