Improvements To The CableJive Media Department

As a tech junkie and digital media enthusiast, few things capture my attention like new gear. So when we got the OK for certain upgrades to the CableJive media department (namely: camera, amongst other things), I couldn’t wait to dive in and put the days of shooting on mini-DV behind me forever! Not surprisingly, we were on the hunt for the best image quality at a reasonable price. With the high quality HD video current DSLRs can capture, and their dual-usability for various company-related photography, it seemed obvious to start looking there.

I had recent personal experience shooting with the Canon T2i and was blown away at the quality HD video it delivered. And for the money, it’s practically unmatched. Still, I continued my research, but quickly it became clear that the T2i was the camera for us. I shopped around for various deals, but as I have found in the past, B&H is rarely beaten. This was quickly affirmed again in this case, and an order for a T2i w/ EF-S 18-55mm IS Zoom Lens Kit (along with a few other accessories) was placed. A few days later, a big ole’ box arrived in the office, and a brand new T2i was in my hands!

Shortly thereafter, I began pre-production on a new video series featuring the dockStubz. That video, which christened CableJive’s T2i, and is the first entry into the series “dockStubz: The Problem Solver” will be available for your viewing pleasure within the next week or so. Stay tuned for the finished product!

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