dockBoss Troubleshooting Tip

While testing out various CableJive products with our new iHome iP90 dock, I stumbled across an issue we hadn’t considered previously that may be tripping up some dockBoss users. When I first tested this setup, I simply connected the dockBoss, waited for the Red LED light to turn solid as usual, then connected my iPhone (via the headphone jack, for testing purposes). However, the iHome dock never went into iPod mode, and even after manually switching over, I still had no luck getting the audio to transfer.

Curiously, I unplugged the dockBoss, waited a minute, and tried connecting it again. Only this time, I made sure to put the iHome dock on iPod mode first. Thankfully, it worked like a charm this time. It made perfect sense to me afterwards, because if the dock isn’t on iPod mode, then there is nothing for the dockBoss to communicate with, so no connection is made. I was previously testing these cables on a Bose SoundDock music system, which automatically went into “iPod mode” anytime it detected a 30-pin connection (as many other systems do).

Long story short, if you’re having trouble getting your dockBoss to work, make sure your speaker dock (or other similar iPod system) is in “iPod mode” first, before connecting the dockBoss. If that still doesn’t work for you, or you have any other questions for us, we’re always here to help at

3 Responses to dockBoss Troubleshooting Tip

  1. Joe P says:

    Will this resolve any of the issues listed in the forum question listed below?

  2. Kelly France says:

    Thank you!!

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