Problem Solving – The dockXtender and iHome docks

The dockXtender has helped customers with all kinds of iPod speaker docks to easily connect their devices without having to remove their protective cases. However, there was one brand of docking system that kept giving our dockXtender problems: iHome speaker docks. We continued getting reports of the dockXtender not functioning properly with those systems. The most perplexing thing was that we could not isolate any of these reported issues.

We’d get a report about the dockXtender not working well with an iP9, then get another report of the two working together just fine. We found issues like this with multiple iHome models, and needless to say it had us scratching our heads. So, to get to the bottom of this, we picked up an iHome iP90 of our own for testing purposes. Within 10 minutes, we had it all figured out.

The problem lies with the “dock adapter inserts” used in iHome speaker docks. Most iHome docks come with a variety of dock inserts that correspond to various iPod devices. These are important if you are docking your specific iPod device into the iHome directly, so that it remains secure in an upright position, however they are not important when using the dockXtender. The inserts were preventing the dockXtender from completely connecting to the iHome, and thus preventing the cable from functioning properly. This is solved by simply removing the dock insert and connecting the dockXtender, which allows for a flush connection to be made. If only all problems were solved so simply.

Of course, we’re always here to help if you have an issue with any of our products, at

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