Two Products Return To CableJive Lineup w/ Updates!

You may or may not have noticed the lack of both xlSync and 22cm iStubz cables in the color white recently. If you did notice, don’t worry, they were not discontinued. If you didn’t notice, then congrats on being blissfully unaware.

Earlier this week, both products made their return to the CableJive lineup, and they were given some updates during their time away. Each product’s packaging was tweaked slightly, and both the packaging and cables themselves now sport the redesigned CableJive logo.

In addition, the 22cm iStubz cable is now 22cm long in cable length, where as our older version measured 22cm from housing-to-housing. Not a huge difference, but that does make it a tiny bit longer than the pre-updated cable, and we think it’s a more accurate representation of what a 22cm cable should be. The xlSync also received a more internal update, which gives it improved compatibility with the iPad and iPad 2. Finally, both products sport slightly redesigned housings over each connector. We’ll be introducing these updates to the entire line of xlSync and iStubz products respectfully, within the coming weeks.

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