CableJive Awarded US Utility Patent for dockXtender!

Any company that develops and sells their own products knows how important it is to protect those products from people who, for whatever reason, would like to prevent you from doing so. Or worse, steal your ideas and take them as their own. Luckily, America, in all her capitalist-inspired wisdom, has protection in place for such situations in the form of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

It’s a process that was started long ago, and culminates with exciting news today: CableJive has been awarded a US Utility Patent for the dockXtender! After many months of planing (and many hours sweated out by the CableJive legal team), we received word that on April 5th, the dockXtender was awarded US Patent No. 7,918,685. Now all that’s left is finding the appropriate frame to put it in…

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