15% off Home Theater Cables – Ends 4/30/2011

Ok, so maybe your home theater isn’t quite like the one above, but we can help you just the same. A few months back, we quietly introduced an entirely new category into our product line: Home Theater. We brought HDMI, Component, RCA, and Toslink cables into the CableJive family. At the time, we wanted to push new products like the dockBoss front and center, but we didn’t want to wait to start selling our home theater cables, as many customers could find those useful immediately. So we added those in with practically no promotion (on the low, if you will).

Well, consider this promotion #1. From now until the end of April (that’s 04/30/2011), get 15% off all our Home Theater cables. Just use the following coupon code at checkout:


Because really, who doesn’t need an extra HDMI cable these days (maybe your Nana)? And if there’s a home theater cable you’re looking for that we don’t sell now, drop us an email at service@cablejive.com and let us know what it is so we can consider adding it to our lineup.

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