The dockBoss – Back & Better Than Ever

I’ve been writing about some of our other dock input solutions lately, such as the Dock Input Cable and the discontinued Universal Dock Converter, but I realized that I have yet to write about the one that people should REALLY know about – the dockBoss.

Ever since we became aware of the limitations the Dock Input Cable faced when dealing with more sophisticated iPod systems (mainly in vehicles or complex stereo integrations), we’ve been obsessed with taking that idea to the next level. Physically providing the connections is nice, but it quickly became clear that if we wanted to make a product that had the best chance at working across a number of iPod systems, some kind of added “intelligence” would be necessary.

So, in late 2010, we did a trial run of the dockBoss – the world’s first intelligent dock input solution. We released it into the wild, and the results were fantastic. While it didn’t work with all systems across the board (sorry Volkswagen owners), it certainly worked in many other situations where the Dock Input Cable had failed. Better yet, is the possibility for the dockBoss to be compatible with even more systems down the line via firmware upgrades. Needless to say, the trial run was a success.

The dockBoss became so popular, that we ran out of our initial inventory much faster than expected. As a result, it has been out of stock for the last month or so. That is until today, where I am thrilled to announce that the dockBoss is back in stock and better than ever (including our shiny new logo). So if you’re itching to play quality audio from your laptop, Android phone, non-iPod mp3 player, etc., through your iPod-only audio system, then hurry up and give the dockBoss a try!

2 Responses to The dockBoss – Back & Better Than Ever

  1. vizzini says:

    What about the dockBoss+? I’d like power over USB, too…

    • cablejivezack says:

      Currently, we are on target to have more dockBoss+ cables in stock on Dec 15th. You can sign up to receive an email when they are available again right on the product page.

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