New Logo! Well…sort of.

This year’s CES, our first, was undoubtedly a success for us. We made so many great contacts and met a ton of awesome people. We were ecstatic to finally have a presence at the biggest show our industry has to offer. We came away from it with so much, but one thing that stuck out was the number of people who were seeing us (and our logo) for the first time, and thought our name was “Cable Live.” This wasn’t the first time we’d heard that before, but at CES we certainly heard it a lot more than ever before.

Upon further review, we get where the confusion was coming from. As a result, we have made a slight adjustment to our logo to make that “J” a bit more…ummmm…”J-e-er.” You get the point. Keep your eyes peeled for the new logo from here on out.

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