Goodnight, Sweet Universal Dock Converter

A while back, we released the Universal Dock Converter as a compliment to our Dock Input Cable. It provided a female 30-pin connection, and physically split out the charging and audio connections so customers could connect any audio device to an iPod dock or system and get that same functionality (in theory). However, as with the Dock Input Cable, we found that sometimes, simply providing the physical connections isn’t always enough to make some iPod systems “jive” (get it?!) with non-iPod devices (which is why we released the dockBoss). Regardless, we decided it would be a great “hobbyist” product that people could buy, try, and simply return if it didn’t work with there systems.

Fast forward to today, and the Universal Dock Converter has helped thousands of people connect non-iPod devices to iPod docking systems to enjoy charging and audio. Yet sadly, today, we sold our last one, and will not be getting any more in their current form. The Universal Dock Converter version 1.0 is no more. *moment of silence*

But fear not! We have not given up on our quest to allow you to connect non-iPod devices to iPod docking systems for both charging and audio. We are hard at work on Version 2 of the Universal Dock Converter (or whatever it will end up being called). No timetable for a release yet, so stay tuned right here for details down the road!

14 Responses to Goodnight, Sweet Universal Dock Converter

  1. Chris McCrary says:

    Any updates on your 2.0+ version?

    • cablejivezack says:

      It’s still in development. But if you go to our Universal Dock Converter product page, you can sign up to be notified when it is available.

  2. purplepeanut says:

    will it be less complicated?

    how many cables?

    this one confuses me (pic). is it less complicated then the pic when plugging into a dock? or do you need all these cables (5 on bottom in pic). i cant tell how it fits into the dock.

  3. Greg says:

    Where is this!?!?!? Not to sound too rude but when is the updated version going to be released?

    With so many iPhone users switching to Android (like myself) that have integrated ipod solutions in their house and vehicle this adapter is a necessity!

    • cablejivezack says:

      Your enthusiasm is appreciated! We are in the final stages of development for this product, and should have more information in the coming weeks. Still looking at a late August / early September release. Thanks for your interest in our products!

  4. Ed says:

    I need this to connect my cars dock connector to a A2DP bluetooth adapter and power it. Can anyone think of a better way to do this. There was once a product called “anycom fido” that would plug right into the dock connector and provide A2DP, but that has been discontinued for a while now. I have a A2DP adapter that outputs via 3.5 mini jack and is powered by usb. This cable would make it happen.

  5. Daniel says:

    Lost my Iphone couple weeks ago, ended up getting an android. I was going to buy a new fm transmitter but thought why would I do that, when i found this great cable here at cablejive! =( Very sad to see you stopped selling it(i would have bought your old one!) I cant wait to be able to play music off my droid through my old ipod transmitter. Waiting patiently for its release!
    ps my b-day is at the end of the month, maybe you could be done by then?? wink wink

    • cablejivezack says:

      Thanks for your interest! We should have more information on the new Universal Dock Converter (which will be known as the dockBoss Plus), in the next couple of weeks. If you’re anxious, and think that you may not need the charging / data functionality of this cable, then feel free to check out the original dockBoss, which is in stock and on sale now!

  6. Travis says:

    I have the integrated iPhone/iPod dock in my car, which connects via the 30-pin connector. I also have my iPhone in a Mophie Juice Pack Air, which uses a microUSB port to sync and charge. Can you guys make a cable that would simply switch the 30-pin to a microUSB without splicing out the audio?


    • cablejivezack says:

      No problem Travis! Unfortunately, those Juice Packs don’t accept or send any audio signals through their micro USB port (only charging and data, which obviously makes sense for them), so even if we were to develop an appropriate cable connection-wise, it wouldn’t provide the same functionality you’re looking for here. The dockBoss+ will give you it all tho, if you don’t mind connecting the audio via the headphone jack.

  7. Marcel says:

    What about a (female) ipod/iphone to mhl-adapter, so we could use audio/video and usb with one single adapter on the SGS II and some more devices with mhl?

    • cablejivezack says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We have made note of the growing MHL standard, and continue to evaluate our options regarding potential compatible accessories. It is certainly possible that we will offer MHL compatible accessories in the future. Keep checking back on our website, for the latest news on any new products or solutions we offer. If / when we do introduce those accessories, we’ll be sure to announce it there.

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