The dockXtender – Beware Of Imitators

Warning: not all dock extension cables are created equal. Ever since we started selling the Dock Extender Cable way back when, we’ve been getting email messages from people with similarly styled questions:

“Hello, I’m interested in your Dock Extender Cable/dockXtender, but I want to know if it works for audio. I recently purchased a similar cable (not yours) from a different website for cheap, but it would only charge my iPod.”

Our response to this was yes, of course, and it’s not that surprising of a question to receive actually. A quick eBay search for “iPod dock extension cable” will yield a ton of results for cheap “extension” cables that don’t deliver anything close to full functionality. Many of those listings fail to mention the limitations of their product’s functionality, and unfortunately people get duped into buying cheap cables that don’t work the way they thought they would.

Remember, the CableJive dockXtender is the only way to get a fully functional 30-pin dock extension cable for your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, from a company you can trust will stand behind it’s products and customers. Accept no imitations.

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