Otterbox Defender Cases Available Now!

We’ve been a long-time fan of Otterbox cases. Over the years our products (mostly the dockXtender and dockStubz) have helped hundreds, if not thousands of Otterbox customers connect their iPods and iPhones to their docks without having to remove their beloved cases. We know this because we’ve heard from so many of their customers specifically who only trust them to protect their devices. You’ll know when you meet an Otterbox customer because they’ll probably tell you about it. You can’t fake the kind of word-of-mouth respect these guys have built up.

As far as we’ve seen and heard, there is no better way to protect any of your expensive electronic devices. Personally, I’ve only had experience with their iPhone Defender Series cases, but the quality and reliability of those cases are virtually unmatched. If there’s an iPhone case out there that is tougher than the Defender, I haven’t seen or heard of it.

Which is why I’m extremely happy to announce that we here at CableJive have just added the Otterbox Defender Series cases for the iPhone to our line up of products. We have the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G/3GS versions available for purchase right now. If you want the best protection for your iPhone and you aren’t using one of these cases, then you need to get one now! Seriously, let us help you.

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