Passing The Torch – dockXtender

We recently passed a milestone here at CableJive, and thought it would be worth reflecting upon. Our very first dock extension cable was built, by hand, in 2007. Mike, now the President of CableJive, soldered it together and blogged about the experience here: The interest that followed was huge, and is undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons CableJive is here today.

It was made to solve a few problems that no one else was solving. Finally, a cable that allowed you to: a.) dock your iPod from a distance so you can operate it in your hands while connected, and b.) dock your iPod without having to remove your case or cover. It was officially dubbed the Dock Extender Cable. Mike began making these cables by hand and selling them to his interested blog readers. The success of those early, hand-made Dock Extender Cables gave CableJive the “killer product” we needed to really get the company off the ground. Soon, we were getting them manufactured and selling them on the then-new CableJive website along with a few other products, like the already popular Dock Input Cable.

The Dock Extender Cable remained our most popular product, and as 2009 drew to a close, we had a TON of data from our customers about how these cables worked and what they liked or disliked about them. From that, we were able to pinpoint a list of improvements we wanted to implement for the next version Dock Extender Cable.

On April 2nd, 2010, we announced our next-generation dock extension cable, the dockXtender. This cable improved upon the previous version in almost every way. It was thinner, lighter, and more flexible. In addition, we were able to connect all 30-pins for full functionality, introduced a revolutionary 2-tiered shielding system to protect the audio and video signals, and made the male connector small enough to work with any case, cover, or skin on the market at the time (until Apple Introduced the iPhone 4 bumper case). On top of all that, we sold it for the exact same price our old Dock Extender Cables were selling for. We then slashed the price of our old Dock Extender Cables, to be sold until stock ran out. At that point, the old ground-breaker would be retired.

Flash forward to today, where that is the exact milestone we are marking. On 2/1/2011, we sold our last Dock Extender Cable, officially passing-the-torch to the dockXtender. We thought it important to mark the end of that era, and celebrate how far our original “premier product” has come. The Dock Extender Cable helped make us into the company we are today. As it has evolved, so have we, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

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