dockXtender and GenevaSound S

dockXtender on GenevaSound S

This morning I’m fiddling with a GenevaSound S. It’s a pretty nifty little unit. Smaller than I was expecting, but packs a pretty good punch. Glad to report that the CableJive products work well with this unit. The dockXtender, which has saved the day for so many folks, works like a charm providing audio, charging, and control of the device. So, if you need to dock your iPod or iPhone to the GenevaSound S from a distance or with the case on, dockXtender is your friend.

The dockBoss and Universal Dock Converter also paired up nicely with the GenevaSound S. Seems less compelling since the unit has auxiliary input, but if you had a non-iPod or iPhone device you wanted to USB charge while listening via standard 1/8″ audio, the Universal Dock Converter does just that.

For the size of the unit, the sound from the GenevaSound S is pretty impressive, but not up to snuff for what I’m needing so it’s going back.

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