World’s Most Durable iPod & iPhone Sync Cable

(Originally Posted 09/08/2009)

CableJive is proud to announce the duraSync premium sync cable for iPod and iPhone, the world’s most durable iPod and iPhone sync and charge cable.

As with many products, the idea for duraSync started with end users. We heard many, many customers express frustration with their Apple-provided sync cable and how it got ruined in one way or another (paper punched, chewed by cat, etc).

We had many discussions internally about how to solve the problem of a flimsy and breaking sync cable, and then worked closely with our manufacturer to come up with just the right solution.

We’re very proud of the end result, an incredibly sturdy, yet stylish sync cable that can withstand some serious wear and tear. The wires are wrapped in a strong braided shield which is then given a thick rubber coating. We’ve yanked, pulled, folded, twisted, swung, and pounded this cable.

The connectors on each end are first coated with an impact-resistant plastic, and then fit with a molded rubber outer shell. Trust us that it can withstand a great deal of abuse. At one point in the proofing process we wanted to open up the cable to verify the wiring. We were able to get the outer rubber shell off using a construction-quality drywall razor. We tried the same thing on the underlying impact-resistant plastic, but any number of angles, and applying full body pressure to the knife couldn’t make a cut. We ultimately decided that the multi-tester was the better way to verify that the wires were arranged correctly.

This cable is one you will never need to replace. To show our belief and commitment, CableJive is backing it with a Lifetime Warranty. If this cable fails for you at any point in the future, we will replace it at no cost to you.

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